A Stephens City man was arrested Friday evening after an incident earlier in the day in Fauquier County in which a 4-year old girl survived being shot by a 2-year-old boy.

Isaiah Marshall Davis, 26, and a woman stopped at a truck stop in the 9700 block of James Madison Highway in the Opal area of Fauquier County. The adults went inside a convenience store and left three children inside the vehicle, said Sgt. James Hartman, public information officer for the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. Hartman said the third child was a toddler.

A loaded gun was left in the the car and the boy shot the girl in the upper body. Hartman would not elaborate more on where on the body the child was shot.

The shooting did not have to happen, he said.

“This is a stark reminder of how to properly transport a firearm. The little girl could have bled to death or died immediately,” Hartman said. “Let’s hope that as she grows up she does not remember what happened.”

Davis is the father of at least one of the children, and the woman is the mother of at least one of the children, Hartman said.

After the shooting and before police arrived, the couple left the truck stop  and drove about two hours to Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County, Hartman said.

Colonial Beach police responding to a call about a disturbance at a motel found the girl.

“The call was a domestic argument. There was a large group. People gave different stories but it appeared they were at Colonial Beach for a trip,” said Police Chief Danny Plott.

“Officers at the scene, they were amazed,” he said. “This girl, she seemed OK. She did not appear to be upset.”

“This was tragic but it could have been more tragic,” Plott added.

Police also found in the motel room the gun that could have been involved in the shooting – a .22-caliber weapon.

Plott would not elaborate on where they found the gun but said it was obvious Davis was in possession of the gun.

The girl was transported to Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg where she was treated and released, Hartman said.

Hartman said he could not discuss why the couple did not take the child immediately to a hospital because the cause was still under investigation.

Davis faces a felony charge of abuse and neglect of children, two counts of a felony charge of abuse and neglect of children, reckless handling of a firearm, and allowing children access to a firearm, Hartman said. Westmoreland County court records show Davis was also charged with non-violent felony possession of a gun.

Hartman did not know how Davis came to have a gun.

The woman with Davis has not been charged, Hartman said.

Stephens City Police Chief Charles Bockey said he was not aware of his police department having any encounters with Davis.

While Davis has a Stephens City address, it is unknown if Davis lives in the city or in Frederick County. No specific address was available authorities.