The two Warren County middle schools have received grant funding to help them make changes to their breakfast program.

Both Warren County Middle School and Skyline Middle School were awarded $5,000 to start a so-called “breakfast after the bell program.” According to Claire Mansfield, the state director for No Kids Hungry Virginia, the funds will allow the school to purchase breakfast carts that they can place in separate parts of the middle schools.

By setting up carts, the students will be able to grab the breakfast near their first-period or second-period classes, rather than having to head to the cafeteria to get a breakfast.

“They can just kind of pop out of their first period class, go to a cart that is located near them in the school, get their breakfast and pop right back to their second period,” Mansfield said.

Currently, Warren County’s buses do not arrive until shortly before class. The new program would help allow students to  take a bus to school and still get breakfast.

Mansfield said that the program is designed to help schools pay the costs to start up these “breakfast after the bell” programs.” That includes the costs of buying software to track points of sale and the cost of carts to hold the breakfasts.

After a school first implements a program, Mansfield said, it typically doesn’t need more assistance.

“Once you have that equipment, these programs are very self-sustaining in general,” Mansfield said.

As a result, schools typically don’t receive the grant awards more than once.

In addition to providing grant funding, Mansfield said that No Kids Hungry Virginia provides school districts with technical assistance in getting the programs set up and in helping schools figure out what kind of program best suits their situation.

Warren County Schools Superintendent Greg Drescher, Warren County Middle School Principal Amy Gubler and Skyline Middle School Principal Bobby Johnston have not responded to requests for comment.