Law enforcement agencies were busy responding to crashes as drivers took to the roads, even one that involved a Virginia State Patrol trooper.

No agency, however, reported any fatalities as of Wednesday afternoon.

From midnight through 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Virginia State Police statewide responded to 382 traffic crashes.  One of those was a crash in Clarke County in which the White Impala cruiser of Trooper R.D. Riggs was hit as he was helping a disabled vehicle.

The crash happened about 9:14 a.m. Wednesday in the westbound lane of Route 7, just west of Route 604. The cruiser had its emergency lights activated and was parked on the shoulder when a 2010 Ford Explorer driven by a 53-year-old man from Cross Junction lost control and struck the rear of the Impala. He was cited for reckless driving.

No one was injured.

The patrol since midnight to 1 p.m. Wednesday responded to three more crashes in Clarke County, two crashes in Frederick County, nine in Shenandoah County and seven in Warren County.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to 51 crashes from 7 a.m. Tuesday until 2 p.m. Wednesday, said Lt. Warren Gosnell.

Nine of those were in a three-hour period from 7-10 a.m. Wednesday, he said.

“The good thing is there has been no fatalities, just a lot of property damage,” Gosnell said.

On Wednesday, two semi-tractor trailers crashed on U.S. Route 522 when one attempted to pass and sideswiped the other, he said.

Route 522 was an active area for deputies, as was U.S. Route 50 near the Gore area, Gosnell said.

Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to four crashes beginning Tuesday, with the last at about 7 a.m. Wednesday, said Sgt. Chris James.

Woodstock has not responded to any motor vehicle crashes since the storm, said Chief Eric Reiley.

Front Royal police did not respond to any weather-related vehicle crashes on Wednesday, said Capt. Jason Ryman.

“Everybody over here paid close attention to the weather and stayed off the roads. The roads have been pretty desolate,” Ryman said.

Front Royal police on Tuesday responded to five vehicle crashes, one with minor injuries, he said.

Tips from the Ohio State Patrol for safer driving:

• Make sure all windows and lights are clear of snow before heading out.

• Always buckle up – driver and all passengers.

• Drive distraction free – put down the phone and coffee, and keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

• Slow speed for conditions.

• Use headlights to increase your visibility and to help other drivers see you better.

• Share the road responsibly with Virginia Department of Transportation vehicles and emergency vehicles.