Stephens City administrators will be introducing the town’s proposed 2018-2019 budget of about $1.5 million at its meeting today. The tax rate, town manager Mike Majher said, will remain the same.

The budget amount is a decrease of about $135,000 from this year’s budget of $1.63 million.

Majher explained that a $150,000 grant that was previously listed as part of the town’s general revenue was moved to the town’s capital improvement budget.

The town will see $176,000 of its revenue from real estate, $120,000 from personal property, $155,000 from sales tax and $108,000 in meals tax.

Administrators are asking $960,637 be placed into the general fund, a decrease of $135,763, from the previous year, and are proposing $534,250 be placed into the utility fund, an increase of $250 from this year.

The town is again budgeting $20,000 on attorney’s fees, and expects to spend $66,166 in water services and $53,801 in sewer services.

Stephens City has budgeted $30,712 into its general fund to partially fund its capital improvements projects.

One item on the list that has to be approved is the purchase of a new police cruiser, Majher said.

A few of the other projects in need of funding include:

• Snow removal equipment.

• Sidewalk repairs throughout the town.

• U.S. 11 landscaping.

• Parking lot repaving at the town offices.

• Playground equipment for the park at Newtown Commons.

• Walking trail.

• Computer upgrades.

The town has also budgeted $41,236 into its utility fund capital improvement projects.

Those projects include

• Newtown Court repair work to replace a water line.

• Sewer line extension.

• The purchase of a line inspection camera.

• Leak detection equipment.

• Manhole repairs.

• Manhole riser installation.