Glass will no longer be collected as a recyclable item in Front Royal because the facility where it was taken sold its crushing machine, according to a public notice on the town’s website.

Mike Berry, Warren County Public Works director, said it would have cost the town more money to take the glass elsewhere, which could have resulted in additional fees. He added that aside from “a few beer bottles,” volumes of glass collected in many localities have been limited compared to plastic, cardboard and other recyclables.

Berry noted that all county collection sites, except Shenandoah Farms, does accept glass. While that glass is not recycled, he said the county receives recycling credits for its collections.

According to a previous report, Frederick County in November 2016 stopped accepting glass, and it would cost $53,000 annually to resume collections. Steve Williams, the owner of the Winchester-based Southern Scrap/Williams Recycyling, previously noted that it has been increasingly hard to find interested customers for recycled glass.

Patrick Felling, Shenandoah County Director of Solid Waste Management, stated in an email that the county continues to collect glass at all 14 of its recycling sites and at the landfill. He added that recyclable material picked up curbside does not go to the county landfill but to private recycling facilities.

Officials from Front Royal’s public works department could not be reached for comment.  More details of items acceptable for recycling can be found at or by contacting the public works department at 540-635-7819.