Two area animal shelters, the Humane Society of Warren County and SPCA of Winchester, have reached maximum capacity during a busy summer for both of them.

Kayla Wines, Humane Society of Warren County shelter manager, said it is not unusual to reach capacity this time of year as kitten season is winding down. She added that some people cannot afford to board their pets during vacation and get rid of them.

She said the facility has 33 dog kennels and 80 cat kennels, and it was nearing capacity early last week.

Then on Sept. 12, the shelter assumed custody of 30 dogs and cats that were seized from Brian and Wendy Tenney, who were charged with several counts of animal cruelty and inadequate care.

Wines said on Tuesday that the Humane Society is housing 114 cats and 50 dogs, with some animals doubled up in kennels.

She noted that the cats seized from the Tenney’s house were underweight and some had anemia but “they’re all doing much better.” The dogs, she said, were “pretty healthy” but that they stunk and likely never had baths. Many of the dogs, she said, had fleas or parasites but have since been treated by veterinarians.

Wines said the animals will remain at the Humane Society until a court rules whether the Tenneys can resume custody or allows the shelter to adopt them. She added that all of the dogs are “sweet as pie” and will make lovely pets if the Humane Society can ever offer them for adoption.  

“It’s a very sad situation that they were seized, but I’m very happy that they’re here. At least being here I know that they’re receiving the medical treatment that they need, seeing a vet and being cared for properly,” Wines said.

With the recent influx of animals, she said citizens have donated food and other items for which the shelter is grateful. She added that the shelter is always in need of help and will never turn down food, blankets, kitten litter, bleach, paper towels or laundry detergent.

Ellen Aders, Humane Society of Warren County board president, noted that as animals are adopted,  more are accepted. So while the shelter is at full capacity, she said there is still a revolving door of intake.

Stacy Leach, Winchester SPCA assistant office manager, said her shelter can house about 150 animals and is also at capacity. She agreed that being at capacity is not unusual for this time of year and that kitten season often makes for a full house. She added that when some dog owners move during the summer, they often cannot bring their pets along.

Emily Gochenour, Shenandoah County Animal Shelter caretaker, said that the shelter has been at capacity during the summer but a high number of adoptions prevented that from continuing.

She said the Animal Shelter has 32 dog kennels and 27 cat cages. On Tuesday, she said that “today we are doing pretty good” but “we never know what will come through the door in the days to follow” and “tomorrow might be a different story.”

The Humane Society of Warren County is offering an adoption waiver fee through Saturday, which Wines said contributed to 15 adoptions as of Wednesday.

The Winchester SPCA is housing many senior dogs who are at least 8 years old and is waiving their adoption fee through Saturday.