Virginia State Police continue to investigate a fatal Sept. 3 crash in Shenandoah County that left two people dead.

On Sept. 1, the Lord Fairfax Health District reported the smallest number of new cases over a seven-day average since the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday, the seven-day average nearly doubled from the 6.86 new cases per day average to a seven-day average of 12 new cases a day.

The Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority is suing the town for failing to pay on its debt for the new police department headquarters.

Virginians can begin casting their votes for U.S. representatives, senators and the office of the president today when early voting opens.

A prolonged process of assigning Town Council members to committees in Strasburg led one new member to seek an amendment to the town code that would put mayors on a deadline and give council members a say in committee assignments.

A civil suit brought against the Town of Strasburg is on hold for the foreseeable future as the local business seeking damages for a broken water line that flooded its property moved to nonsuit the case last week.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 845 new cases, 52 new hospitalizations and 45 new deaths on Wednesday, bringing the statewide total to 136,359 cases, 10,389 hospitalizations and 2,884 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 6,396 probable cases, 71 probab…

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Depressed state revenues are causing Strasburg Town Council members to keep an eye on the clock as they close in on deciding how they want the town to move forward with its project extending Borden Mowery Drive to connect it to Radio Station Road in the Strasburg business park.

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A month after announcing its intent to partner with a handful of other states to purchase 500,000 rapid response tests, Maryland placed its first order of 250,000 tests while Virginia continues to finalize its plans.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 757 new cases, 49 new hospitalizations and 19 new deaths on Monday, bringing the statewide total to 134,571 cases, 10,293 hospitalizations and 2,743 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 6,171 probable cases, 70 probable …

FRONT ROYAL – Citizens displeased with Virginia gun laws have formed the Warren County Militia, which member Sam Haun said has a primary goal of defending the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.

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Police are still looking for information after a prank call drew several officers to a home near Strasburg on Saturday night, prompting law enforcement to send an alert to residents to avoid the area.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 1,904 new cases, 89 new hospitalizations and 13 new deaths over the weekend, bringing its total to 133,814 cases, 10,244 hospitalizations and 2,724 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 6,142 probable cases, 69 probable h…

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FRONT ROYAL – The town had disbursed $865,000 of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Securities (CARES) Act grants to over 90 businesses, according to Chamber of Commerce President Niki Cales.

WOODSTOCK – Shenandoah County Public Schools Superintendent Mark Johnston said Thursday that there will be some students returning to school over the next few weeks and they are hopeful the hybrid model will begin by Oct. 19.

WOODSTOCK – The Shenandoah County School Board on Thursday night approved the process of renaming two schools and a mascot at a third school.

The sheriffs in Shenandoah and Warren counties said they are supportive of reforming law enforcement and want to see their officers held to higher standards but are concerned that legislators are hurrying some things through during this year’s special session.

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WOODSTOCK — The members of the Narrow Passage chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will participate in Constitution Week this month, doing what they do best.

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Virginia continued to see COVID-19 hotspots bounce around the state this week as most regions are seeing their new case totals plateau or recede with a handful growing slowly and two experiencing surges.

WOODSTOCK — The Shenandoah County Industrial Development Authority expects the county to add $750,000 to its coffers for a small business grant program next week and took steps on Friday to make those funds available for additional businesses and nonprofits.

FRONT ROYAL – Interim Town Manager Matt Tederick explained via telephone Thursday that the town is set to comply with the county’s demand for the town’s plan on how its second $1.2 million round of Coronavirus Aid, Recovery and Economic Securities (CARES) Act funding will be spent.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 1,236 new cases, 77 new hospitalizations and 11 new deaths on Thursday, bringing the statewide total to 130,525 cases, 10,085 hospitalizations and 2,708 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 5,906 probable cases, 70 proba…

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Police arrested a Strasburg man on Tuesday night after he allegedly forced his pregnant girlfriend to stay inside their home.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 882 new cases, 76 new hospitalizations and 11 new deaths on Wednesday, bringing the statewide total to 129,289 cases, 10,008 hospitalizations and 2,697 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 5,801 probable cases, 70 probab…

The Mount Jackson Town Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to hold a joint public hearing at the Oct. 5 town Planning Commission meeting to discuss a signage package request from Boddie-Noell Enterprises.

Strasburg took steps forward on Tuesday night to carry out two of its biggest plans for using federal money allocated for cities, towns and counties as a result of the economic fallout of COVID-19.

FRONT ROYAL – With four months remaining in 2020, the number of annual opioid overdoses in Front Royal has significantly increased compared to last year, according to Police Chief Kahle Magalis. He said there have been 47 overdoses and 10 deaths in 2020 compared to 24 overdoses and four deat…

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Following months of struggling to stifle recurring COVID-19 cases, the Life Care Center of New Market has been moved off the state’s list of ongoing outbreaks.

Police and law enforcement agencies throughout the region arrested more than 80 people last week in conjunction with the eighth annual Operation Valley Venue conducted by the Northwest Virginia Regional Drug and Gang Task Force.

The Virginia Department of Health reported Monday that it had 2,792 new cases since Friday, 104 new hospitalizations and 22 new deaths, bringing the statewide total to 127,571 cases, 9,902 hospitalizations and 2,684 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Total figures include 5,652 prob…

Last week, modelers at the University of Virginia and the Virginia Department of Health announced that instances of surging cases were receding throughout the state but on Friday that picture shifted again.

FRONT ROYAL – While the driver, a passenger and one dog survived a Wednesday car crash, another dog in the vehicle died while being transported via ambulance to a veterinary clinic, according to a Warren County Fire and Rescue Facebook post.

Prosecutors aren’t rushing to move forward with an attempted capital murder case in Shenandoah County as mountains of evidence pose a significant obstacle to understanding what happened during a shootout with police last month.

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FRONT ROYAL – Comparing the pending school year to the first moon landing, Skyline Middle School Principal Bobby Johnston said “nobody’s done this before.”

Shenandoah County Planning Commission members said they wanted some clarity about what Tamara and Blakey Bullard are asking permission to do with their You-Pick farm request that was before the commission on Thursday night.

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The Lord Fairfax Health District has weathered the COVID-19 storm better than many other regions but some outbreaks are lingering despite facilities’ best efforts to squelch them.