Candidates see campaign activity

WOODSTOCK – A candidate running for Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors continues to bankroll his campaign.

Campaign finance reports filed with the Virginia Department of Elections and the Shenandoah County General Registrar showed activity from July 1 to Aug. 31.

District 4 Supervisor Cindy Bailey is running for her second term on the board. Karl Roulston is challenging Bailey for her seat. Roulston serves as a partner with the Woodstock-based Regulus Group. Bailey is a retired captain from the Shenandoah County Jail.

Bailey received $300 from Woodstock resident Jeffrey Kaye and an unitemized contribution of $50 during the reporting period. Bailey’s campaign spent no money during the period and reported a balance of $2,484 at the end of August. Bailey has received $2,512 in campaign contributions this election cycle.

Roulston reported that he gave his campaign $8,000 in contributions during the latest period and a total of $9,500 since January. Roulston reported an unitemized contribution of $100 in the period. Roulston spent approximately $7,582 during the reporting period and had $1,029 in his coffers at the end of August. Roulston has received $10,700 in contributions this election cycle.

District 5 Supervisor Marsha Shruntz is running for a second term. Former supervisor Dennis Morris, who lost his seat to Shruntz four years ago, is vying to return to the board.

Shruntz received a $35 contribution during the reporting period. Shruntz spent $119 during the period. Shruntz has received a total of $2,555 this election cycle and reported a balance of $2,085 at the end of August.

Morris reported $1,573 in contributions from Edinburg retiree Betty Ayers, Holtzman Propane owner Todd W. Holtzman, Woodstock builders Terry and Robin Gochenour and Toms Brook farmer Glenn Keller. Morris also reported $560 in unitemized cash contributions. Morris spent $589 during the period. Morris has received $4,161 this election cycle and reported a balance of $3,572 as of Aug. 31.

District 1 Supervisor John R. “Dick” Neese is seeking a fifth term on the board. Karen Kwiatkowski is vying to unseat the supervisor.

Kwiatkowski received a $1,000 contribution from Edinburg retiree John Riffey. She reported a $204 refund for the fee she paid to participate in the Republican Party primary in the spring. The party did not hold a primary because Kwiatkowski was the only candidate. Kwiatkowski spent $412 during the reporting period. She has received $1,804 in contributions this election cycle and reported a balance of $881 as of Aug. 31.

Neese reported $1,300 in contributions from retiree Richard Ryan, teacher Jonathan Nateghi Asli, Holtzman Oil Corp. owner William Holtzman and New Market resident Barbara J. Weissenborn. Neese spent almost $1,358 this period and reported $500 in loans he made to himself that remain unpaid. Neese has received $2,258 this election cycle and reported a balance of $492 as of Aug. 31.

An earlier version of this story should have stated that Regulus Group partner Karl Roulston continued to self-finance his campaign.