Police charge town man with dealing drugs

Wayne Henry

FRONT ROYAL – Authorities arrested a town man Thursday accused of dealing drugs to confidential informants last year.

Police charged Wayne Russell Henry, 60, of 527 Frederick Ave., on four counts of distribution of schedule I or II drugs. Henry remains held at Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail without bond. Henry appeared in Warren County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court on Friday.

A criminal complaint filed by Front Royal police investigator M.E. Glavis on Wednesday states that two reliable confidential informants made a controlled purchase of heroin from Henry and another individual identified as Timothy Hudson on Aug. 15. Hudson arranged the purchase with the informants, the complaint states. The informants met with law enforcement agents prior to the purchase. Agents searched the informants and given $100 in Virginia police funds as well as an audio/video recording device and transmitter, the complaint states.

Agents conducted surveillance on the informants as they met with Henry and Hudson. An informant handed the state police money to Hudson and Henry gave heroin to an informant, the complaint states.

Glavis met with one of the informants who gave the investigator the heroin packaged in foil. Authorities sent the substance to a forensic lab where it tested positive for heroin, the complaint states. Authorities also had searched the informants after the purchase and found no money or drugs on the individuals or in their vehicle.

Information on Hudson was not available Friday from the Warren County General District Court.

A criminal complaint for another charge against Henry states that two confidential informants made a controlled purchase for hydromorphone from the defendant on Aug. 18. Law enforcement agents met with and searched the informants prior to the search. The agents gave the informants $160 in state police funds, a recording device and a transmitter. Agents conducted surveillance on the informants as they met with Henry, who bought the hydromorphone, the complaint states. Glavis later met with the informants, who gave the pills to the investigator. The pills later were identified as hydromorphone.

A criminal complaint with another charge against Henry states that a confidential informant made a controlled purchase from the defendant on Oct. 10. The informant used a recording device and transmitter while making the purchase.