Veteran charged in domestic incident

Jonathan Paul Bailey

WOODSTOCK – Authorities say a former U.S. military member tried to stab several family members during a domestic incident in January.

A Shenandoah County grand jury indicted Jonathan Paul Bailey on Wednesday on three counts of attempting malicious wounding and one charge of child endangerment. Indictments accuse Bailey of attempting to stab or wound Susan Combs, Teresa Bailey and a juvenile on Jan. 21. An indictment also accuses Jonathan Bailey, 37, of 600 Stoney Creek Road, Edinburg, of endangering the health of the child.

Judge Dennis L. Hupp ordered Jonathan Bailey to appear in Shenandoah County Circuit Court on April 20 for possible entry of a plea and sentencing.

Arrest warrants identify Combs as the defendant’s mother-in-law, Teresa Bailey as his wife and the child as his stepson.

Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office Deputy D.C. Smith responded to 600 Stoney Creek Road to a report of a domestic dispute on Jan. 21, according to a criminal complaint filed in his case. The deputy arrived and found Jonathan Bailey intoxicated, stumbling, yelling and holding a knife, the complaint states. The deputy asked Bailey multiple times to drop the knife before he finally complied. The deputy then took Bailey into custody.

The alleged victims told the deputy they tried to talk to Bailey about “his vulgar language and blaring music,” the complaint states. Bailey then lunged at each of them. Bailey stated at the processing center that he was defending himself against his son. Another deputy stated that the three alleged victims described the incident and three separate lunges at each.

The case originated in Shenandoah County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. A magistrate ordered Bailey held without bond after his arrest, according to checklist for bail determinations. The checklist indicates Bailey served in the U.S. military prior to moving to Shenandoah County. Magistrate Michael Plecnik notes on the checklist that the presumption to hold Bailey without bond does not apply because the charge accuses the defendant of attempted malicious wounding and not malicious wounding. There also was some confusion about what actually happened: the arresting officer stated he was told the defendant made multiple lunges while victim statements reference one such action. The defendant stated he was defending himself against his son, the magistrate notes.

The defendant has mental issues and is taking prescriptions, the magistrate notes. Bailey was in the military and his family references post-traumatic stress disorder, Plecnik added. The magistrate goes on to state that he would need an evaluation of the defendant by the Northwestern Community Services Board to set conditions of Jonathan Bailey’s release. However, Plecnik notes that he recommended Bailey remain held without bail “because of how dangerous the situation was.”

A judge in a lower court granted Jonathan Bailey’s release Jan. 25 on a $1,000, unsecured bond on the condition that he not possess a firearm, destructive device or dangerous weapon. Bailey also was required as a condition of his release to maintain full compliance with mental health medication through the Department of Veterans Affairs office in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Bailey also was required to go to the office within 72 hours of his release for a mental health evaluation. The defendant also was released on the condition that he avoid contact with the three people named in the charges.