Warren County School Board approves budget items during meeting

FRONT ROYAL — The Warren County Public Schools Board voted to approve several budget items during its meeting on Wednesday.

The board agreed unanimously to pay a $20,000 contract with Data Business Systems for food service software. Melody Sheppard, assistant superintendent for the district, said that the district uses the system in all of  its cafeterias to allow parents to put money into student accounts and to collect data required by state and federal agencies.

“We are able to check and see if parents have put money on their students’ account and that happens regularly,” Sheppard said.

The district also agreed to allow the Transportation Department to spend over $15,000 on auto parts from nine vendors.

Aaron Mitchell, the district’s transportation director, said during the meeting that he expects that the district will spend about the same amount of money this year as it did last year.

“Our budget’s pretty much what it was, so we would pretty much have to be,” Mitchell said. “I think we had a little bit of extra money this year given to us. We put four engines in buses this summer. So as soon as we got it, we spent it.”

In addition, the School Board agreed to allow the superintendent, Greg Drescher, to issue employee contracts. Drescher said during the meeting that he only expects to do so when the district must hire someone before the School Board can give its approval at its next meeting.

In an email following the meeting, Drescher added that the School Board would still have final approval over the contracts.

“Employees would still need to have all background checks as normal prior to starting work and the board still has final say in the person becoming official,” Drescher stated.