Several Strasburg High School students may be facing charges related to two brawls that occurred during the first week of school.

The first incident occurred shortly after noon on Aug. 8, two days into the new school year. A video sent to the Northern Virginia Daily shows a group of girls fighting in what appears to be the old gymnasium.

Three girls, ages 17, 16 and 15, have been accused of attacking a 17-year-old girl, according to Capt. Wesley Dellinger, of the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office. He said charges are pending against them.

The video shows one girl being held by the hair and surrounded by three girls during the brawl. Two males appear to try to end the fight, with one of the males throwing a girl to the ground.

Several students are seen in the background watching the fight.

Dellinger said school administrators called for the school resource officer, who was in another area of the building.

The teenage girl who was assaulted, he noted, sought medical attention for head-related injuries at the Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.

The second brawl took place a day later in a crowded school hallway.

Two videos sent to the Northern Virginia Daily show the fight from different views. Male students are walking down a hallway when a fight erupts. A boy is seen being thrown against the wall by another boy, who punches him as two other boys join in.

Boys are then seen wrestling on the ground and throwing punches, and a woman is shown in the melee falling to the ground. Another adult is seen among the fighting students.

One student is heard yelling “stop” and appears to try to intervene. A girl can be heard saying “Oh my God.”

Dellinger said a school nurse checked out those involved in the brawl, and nobody was transported to the hospital.

He said charges are pending against a 14-year-old boy and two 16-year-old boys.

Shenandoah Public Schools Superintendent Mark Johnston said both incidents appeared to stem from incidents and comments made over the summer.

“We will not tolerate it,” Johnston said, adding that Strasburg High School Principal Melissa Foltz took swift action, which he supported.

Johnston would not discuss any specific school discipline against the students seen in the video, citing student privacy policy.

The division’s student conduct policy, however, states that unlawful acts that lead to police notification may result in suspension from classes, exclusion from activities or expulsion, including but not limited to assault/battery as well as intentional injuries such as bullying and fighting.

Johnston said the division experienced something similar last year when two fights occurred at the beginning of last year in response to incidents over the summer. He said immediate action was taken then as well.

The Sheriff’s Office investigated six reported assaults at Strasburg High School during last year’s school term and found three of those reports to have merit, Dellinger said