The Stephens City Town Council heard  the town’s proposed 2018-2019 budget of about $1.5 million at a public hearing Tuesday,  but no one from the public did.

No residents were at the meeting to discuss the budget

Town manager Mike Majher said tax rates will remain the same.

“The fact there is no rate increase, we pride ourselves in pinching pennies to achieve that,” Majher said.

“Anytime we can meet budget without increasing rates we are pleased.”

The budget amount is a decrease of about $135,000 from this year’s total of  $1.63 million.

Majher explained that part of the decrease is a result of shifting a $150,000 grant that was previously listed as part of the town’s general revenue to the town’s capital improvement budget, a more appropriate spot.

The town will see $176,000 of its revenue from real estate, $120,000 from personal property, $155.000 from sales tax and $108,000 in meals tax.

Town officials are asking that $960,637 be placed into the general fund, a decrease of $135,763, from the previous year. They are proposing $534,250 be placed into the utility fund, an increase of $250 from this year.

They again are budgeting $20,000 for attorney’s fees. They expect to spend $66,166 in water services and $53,801 in sewer services.

Stephens City has budgeted $30,712 into its general fund to partially fund its capital improvements projects.

One item on the list that has to be completed is the purchase of a new police cruiser, Majher said.

They have also budgeted $41,236 into the utility fund capital improvement projects, including the Newtown Court repair work to replace a water line

The first reading of the budget will be conducted at the May 1 meeting. It will be enacted at the June council meeting, Majher said.