MIDDLETOWN – A Planning Commission member suggested Monday he might resign as members continue to work on the town’s Comprehensive Plan.

The statement from John Copeland came after new commission member Mark Dalton and town attorney J. David Griffin suggested they slow down and go through the newly revised document section by section.

“Why, are we in a race?” Dalton asked.

Town Council liaison Jeff Pennington reminded everyone that Mayor Charles Harbaugh wants to coordinate the new Comprehensive Plan with the town’s Capital Improvement Plan, and that was why they were moving quickly.

Commission members suggested they go through the Comprehensive Plan with the Capital Improvement Plan.

Copeland interjected that he had made the suggestion of going through the Comprehensive Plan section by section at the beginning of the process.

“I feel like we are starting back at zero, and I think you are going to receive my resignation,” Copeland said.

He wanted to know why the suggestion was being accepted now and not when he suggested it. He also warned members that the last time they reviewed the Comprehensive Plan with the Capital Improvement Plan, work bogged down with talk of how much would be needed to fund a project, such as sidewalk work.

Planning Commission Chair Daryl Terrill attempted to reassure Copeland.

Members continued with discussions, deciding to solicit public feedback on what residents feel their town needs and what direction they would like to see the town head toward at a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan at 7 p.m. Monday at Town Hall. Commission members will then meet again after that hearing to analyze the feedback, review the Comprehensive Plan with the Capital Improvement Plan, and prioritize what they want to do next.

Copeland did not return calls on Tuesday seeking an interview. Terrill on Tuesday said he had not heard from Copeland or received a notice of resignation.

“I hope he doesn’t. He has a lot of information we can use,” Terrill said.

Terrill disputes the notion that the team is back at zero.

“We have done a lot of work,” Terrill said about the Comprehensive Plan.