Mayor Mike Grim Tuesday honored  members of a Stephens City Fire and Rescue crew who raced to a home in the 100 block of Sonoma Court and saved the life of a man in cardiac arrest on the evening of Dec. 28.

The first responders found the man unresponsive, began CPR and transported him to Winchester Medical Center in time to save his life.

Before making the awards presentations, Grim spoke of “Challenge coins” and how some are issued as a form of recognition for an extraordinary deed.

“Stephens City Fire and Rescue has adopted one such coin awarded to commemorate a life saved. With this presentation, the coin represents the years of training, preparation and selfless service to community that volunteer organizations have come to depend on. All the personal sacrifices made by members so that others may live,” Grim said.

He then presented the Joe Hollis Life Safety Award to:

Fire Chief John Jones I, Assistant Chief Steve Ritter, Deputy Chief Timothy Vaught, firefighter Lenny Peters, and firefighter and emergency medical technician Nathan Welch.

The police department has acquired one more tool to save lives.

Police chief Charles Bockey at the meeting told council members that all his officers have been trained in the use of Narcan to help reverse the effects of a drug overdose. It is now carried in all cruisers, he said.

The council also heard that  Stephens City Fire and Rescue Company members  elected administrative and operational officers  on Dec. 19 to one-year terms.  Those officers were approved Tuesday night by the council and will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

Remaining in their positions are Fire/EMS Chief John Jones I and Deputy EMS Chief Thomas E. Merritt

Also continuing in their roles are President David Foley II, Vice President Bruce Luttrell Sr., Secretary Bonnie Jones and Assistant Secretary Thomas Merritt.

Members voted in John Jones II as treasurer and Ruth Eastep as assistant treasurer. Both are new to their positions.