A Stephens City man died Tuesday near Winchester when his Dodge pick-up truck dropped 28 feet, nose-first, onto Interstate 81.

Lt. Warren Gosnell, of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, said that Charles Perkins Jr. was driving northbound on Interstate 81 and took exit 315, which goes to Va. 7.

Perkins did not make the sharp turn and his truck dropped 28 feet onto the interstate, Gosnell said. Police, he said, were alerted to the crash at 10:07 a.m. Tuesday.

He added that it was not clear when, or even whether Perkins had lost control of his Dodge pick-up truck.

“We don’t have any evidence otherwise, but it appears that he may have been already incapacitated when he left the road,” Gosnell said.

Gosnell said that there were no signs that Perkins braked or steered his car.

“It could be that he either passed out or had a different medical event that caused him to leave the roadway,” Gosnell said.

“I don’t know the extent of what they can test and what they can tell me, but again it just seems like once the vehicle left the road, that it just traveled on its own,” Gosnell said.

In addition to the medical examiner’s report, the Sheriff’s Office is waiting for results from a toxicology test.

Gosnell said that there were no other vehicles involved in the crash and no one was injured other than Perkins.

The ramp was shut down for about two hours, Gosnell said.

Greenwood Volunteer Fire and Rescue, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia Department of Transportation all responded to the crash.