The new Va  675 (Stoney Creek Road) bridge in Shenandoah County is scheduled to open to traffic on Tuesday.

The reopening would be about one month ahead of schedule. In January 2017 the Virginia Department of Transportation awarded the $1.3 million construction contract to Kanawha Stone Co., which was to have finished the project by May 18. The total project cost is $2 million.

“When we reopen, it will be a big improvement to the east-west traffic,” said Ken Slack, a spokesman for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

The bridge, which was built in 1932, has been a single lane structure with no railing. Work began about a year ago to replace it with a two lane structure in about the same location about five miles north of Edinburg, Slack said.

A detour of several miles will be removed when the bridge reopens.

The bridge averages about 580 vehicles a day.

VDOT will place a final surface treatment on the new bridge sometime in April or May.

The final treatment is what makes the road smooth, Slack said.

The final treatment is expected to take about a day and crews will be flagging the movement of vehicles to control traffic during that time.