STRASBURG — The Strasburg Fire Department has a new interim president after former interim president Vince Poling resigned. Mayor Rich Orndorff announced Poling’s resignation during the fire department restructuring committee meeting Monday, following a closed session discussion.

In a phone interview after the meeting, Orndorff said that Poling resigned because of his wife’s health concerns.

“Vince is the type of guy, if he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it right,” Orndorff said. “And he’s going to give 110 percent. And he felt like in trying to help with his wife’s recovery and recuperation, that he just didn’t feel that he was able to give what he needed to be the interim president and serve on the restructuring committee.”

Poling will continue to serve on the restructuring committee, Orndorff said.

In his place, Milton Painter will serve as interim president, after serving as the department’s interim vice president for two months. Tom Frazier will now serve as the department’s interim vice president.

Frazier is a former department president who lapsed from active membership within the department, Orndorff said.

“He was still a member, just not an active member,” Orndorff said. “And he’s begun to come back and try to help the department.”

Orndorff said that Frazier is willing to serve as president.

“We felt that just in discussion that he may be an excellent candidate,” Orndorff said. “We talked with him to see if he was interested; he expressed interest and was willing to try and help the department, and so Mr. Poling and Mr. Painter and I recommended Tom to the group.”

Orndorff said that Frazier was one of “a couple of names” who came up during a closed-session discussion during Monday’s restructuring committee meeting as possible candidates to serve as interim vice president. Orndorff declined to give the number of names discussed, saying that the discussion occurred during a closed session.

“There were some other recommendations and other folks that we had talked about,” Orndorff said.