STRASBURG — The town is changing its trash and recycling program.

Town Manager Wyatt Pearson said that starting Monday, the town will begin accepting applications for a new leasing program that will offer cans for trash and recycling for $1 per can each month. It may take two or more months for residents to receive the cans because the contractor, American Disposal Services, has several weeks to produce the cans after they receive an order from the town.

In addition, Pearson said, the town will include information about and applications for the new program in residents’ next water bills.

“Residents can keep their own trash can and continue to operate that way, but if they would like to opt into this leasing program, they just need to contact the town office, and we’ll get them set up,” Pearson said.

Pearson described the new program as a benefit to the town and residents.

Residents, he said, have complained that recycling has been dumped in with trash, something that would not likely occur with the new program.

Also, he said, because the cans have lids on them, the town is likely to see reduced fees at the landfill.

“When it rains, and the trash gets saturated, we end up paying the cost of the weight of the water that gets dumped in the landfill,” Pearson said.

Under the leasing program, American Disposal Services would be responsible for repairing and replacing damaged trash and recycling cans.