Strasburg vice mayor announces re-election plans

STRASBURG — Strasburg Town Council Member Scott Terndrup has announced that he will run for re-election.

STRASBURG — Town Council member Scott Terndrup has announced that he will run for re-election.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, Terndrup, who is also the town’s vice mayor, said that he initially thought he would retire after his current term. But he said that recent conversations had him reconsider.

“[Terndrup’s wife] Eunice and I always lived by this idea to do as much good in the world as you can, for as long as you can do it,” Terndrup said. “And the truth is, I can still do it.”

Terndrup added that he enjoyed working as a public servant.

“I like public service,” Terndrup said. “And I think, at least in my mind, I’m good at it. And so I have decided…I am going to run for another term.”

But while Terndrup said that he plans on running for office, he added that he hopes to help others who might be compelled to run for Town Council. During the campaign trail, he said that he is going to write a campaign blog.

“What I’d like to do is take some of the fear out of [running for office],” Terndrup said. “And so I wanted to write this little experience as I’m going through this season. And the point of it is to try to educate or maybe comfort people that, you know what, if your heart is in public service, you can do this, too.”

Terndrup also said that he plans on having meet-and-greet events before the town’s scheduled meetings, where candidates can talk with constituents.

“People will know we’re here and maybe we’ll get some petitions signed, and maybe people can have some conversations,” Terndrup said.

The Town Council elections are set for May 1. There are five seats open.

One of those seats is a two-year term, filling the seat of council member Shirley Maddox, who resigned at the end of December. The rest of the seats are for four-year terms.