A.S. Rhodes Elementary School.

The long-planned renovations on A.S. Rhodes Elementary School have been put on hold.

Warren County Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Melody Sheppard said the delay is due to the sole bid the district received was more than the district had set aside for the project. The bid from construction company Lantz Construction in Winchester totaled $6,591,000. The budget for the project was set around $3 million.

“We still plan to renovate A. S. Rhodes Elementary School but the project is going to be delayed,” Sheppard said. “We are working with our architect on how we can reconfigure our timeline and rebid the project.”

Sheppard said one of the reasons Lantz Construction said the price came in so high was the requested work schedule for nights and weekends.

“The nights and weekend work schedule was recommended so the disruption to student learning was minimized,” she said. “The other companies did not give a reason why they did not submit a bid for the work.”

Sheppard said that the district originally had five construction companies interested in the project. She said that, when the bids came due on June 4, Lantz Construction was the only company to submit a bid.

“We wish all five companies who had requested the bid documents had responded,” she said.

Sheppard said that the district is exploring all options to determine how it can renovate the school with the money that is available.

The renovations included replacing and adding HVAC equipment, replacing the roof, relocating the office to the front entrance, re-configuring the existing office and the computer lab to classrooms, adding several parking spaces to the front of the building, renovating the restrooms, and replacing the ceiling and floor tile.

Sheppard said that the asbestos abatement for the school – which included asbestos testing and removal - will also be put on hold.

“We are holding off on the abatement at this time until we have the renovation project scheduled,” she said. “The asbestos abatement removes all floor tile to the concrete floor. The floor would be concrete until the contractor would install the floor tile.”

Sheppard said that the district is looking to move forward with replacing the school’s shingled roof, which she said is one of the most immediate needs for the school.

“Since the renovation project is going to be delayed and the replacement of the roof is essential, we are going to remove the shingled roof part of the project from the work of the general contractor and follow the procurement process to replace the shingled roof this fall,” she said.

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