FRONT ROYAL — An abduction charge against a Warren County Public School bus driver will no longer be pursued by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

Agosto Luzunaris, 44, of Linden had the charge nolle prosequi by Judge Dennis Hupp in Warren County Circuit Court on Friday. Nolle prosequi is when the commonwealth’s attorney decides to no longer pursue the charge but can do so again at a later date.

Luzunaris allegedly prevented a student from leaving the school bus and continuing past a bus stop, according to search warrants and statements made in court. Luzunaris also allegedly exchanged text messages with the student.

Luzunaris was arrested and charged in the incident on March 4, 2020.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Ilona L. White told the court she requested the nolle prosequi because the case was dependent upon evidence that it didn’t have access to anymore. An investigator with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office had checked out a hard drive of the school bus GPS system and has since left the department, leaving no trace the evidence.

Without the hard drive, the prosecution sought to have the involved student testify, but the family didn’t want to do that, White said. Therefore, the nolle prosequi was requested, White said.

A second parent had claimed that Luzunaris made inappropriate comments and advances toward their child. But no additional charges were filed against Luzunaris.

Luzunaris, who was released from custody on a $3,000 bond the same month he was charged, was represented by attorney Alasen Schell.

Warren County Public School’s Director of Personnel Buck Smith did not immediately return a request for comment on Luzunaris’ employment status.

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