WOODSTOCK – Science was on full display at W.W. Robinson Elementary School on Thursday during its science fair.

Camron Evans, a 10-year-old fourth grader at W.W. Robinson, placed third for his class division of third through fifth grades.

“I am surprised I got third place,” an excited, smiling Camron said.

His project was to learn about what caused buoyance in submarines. He researched a couple of websites and read a book about submarines.

“My hypothesis was that I thought propellers and rudders caused it, but I learned it’s ballast tanks,” he said.

The idea for his project came about from two things: his grandfather, Mark Jones – who was in the Navy, and a visit to a science museum with his uncle.

Also participating in the science fair were 11-year-old fifth-grader Josh Reiley and second-grader Harper Griffin.

“I love science,” Josh said.

He looked into answering the question, “Are lefties more creative than righties.”

He sent his teacher a link to his survey asking questions he felt were relevant to help him answer that question. She then sent it out to all 169 students in the fifth grade, and the responses went to Josh.

Josh said that he realized that while conducting a survey, how you ask questions is important.

“I had to throw out a couple questions they did not answer correctly,” he said.

So who did Josh determine is more creative?

“Turns out kids who are ambidextrous are most creative,” Josh said.

Harper grew rock candy crystals for her project.

She figured red dye would impact the rate of growth of the sweet crystals the most.

“I learned the different dyes don’t impact growth,” she said.

The reason she selected that project is that “its edible and good to eat.”

This was the first year for a science fair at W.WRobinson, said Robin Brown Orndorff, gifted and talented resource teacher.

“The kids had a blast,” she said. “There is a lot of science at W.W. Robinson.” including an after-school Science Buddy program for third- through fifth-graders.

Orndorff organized the fair, and the local Parent Teacher Organization donated $500 to purchase the awards.

Winners were:

Kindergarten thru second grade: first place Harper Staubs; second place Zachary Sharp; third place Ethan Kisamore. Honorable mentions went to Kristen Whetzel and Lydia Riley Artz.

Third grade through fifth grade: first place Elleanna Dalton; second place Taylor Staub; third place Camron Evans. Honorable mentions went to Anna Bible and Paxton Andrews.

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