All-Region 3B Girls Soccer team

Player of the Year: Madison Fitzpatrick, Brentsville

Coach of the Year: Sonny Barrickman, Brentsville

First team

Pos., Player, School, Year

F, Madison Fitzpatrick, Brentsville, Sr.

F, Madie Miller, Meridian, Fr.

F, Angelique Banks, Maggie Walker, Fr.

F, Annie O'Fallon, Skyline, Sr.

F, Maddy Howells, Brentsville, So.

MF, Peyton McGovern, Brentsville, So.

MF, Sydney Devory, William Monroe, Sr.

MF, Charlotte Snead, James Monroe, Sr.

MF, Valentina Nardone, Brentsville, So.

MF, Angel Lu, Maggie Walker, Sr.

D, Carly O'Leary, Brentsville, Sr.

D, Anna Williamson, Meridian, Sr.

D, Caroline DeGuenther, Maggie Walker, So.

D, Hanna Edsell, Skyline, Sr.

D, Sophia Coulon, James Monroe, Fr.

GK, Haley Garber, Brentsville, Fr.

Second team

Pos., Player, School, Year

F, Paige Hoffman, William Monroe, So.

F, Isabel Whitman, James Monroe, Sr.

F, Kayla Montgomery, Caroline, Jr.

F, Bridget Hay, Warren County, Fr.

F, Mia Rodriguez, Meridian, So.

MF, Kaci Johnson, Maggie Walker, Fr.

MF, Hannah Case, Brentsville, Sr.

MF, Lucy Hladky, Meridian, Fr.

MF, Jane Fiegel, Meridian, Jr.

MF, Kairtlyn Klock, Caroline, Fr.

D, Audrey Edwards, Caroline, So.

D, Susannah Mason, Culpeper County, Jr.

D, Livi Sharff, William Monroe, So.

D, Emma Thompson, Brentsville, Sr.

D, Madilyn Rolander, Brentsville, So.

GK, Keely Thomas, Maggie Walker, Fr.


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