FRONT ROYAL – Citizens within the Lord Fairfax Health District continue testing positive for COVID-19, with total reported cases in the district's six localities numbering 2,485 as of Sunday afternoon, according to the Virginia Department of Health’s website.

The figures on the website represent the total number of positive cases since the pandemic’s outbreak but do not illustrate how many people are symptomatic or those who recovered from  the illness.

On Saturday, localities in the Lord Fairfax Health District reported 2,475 total cases, up 19 from Friday. That included 675 cases in Shenandoah County, 348 in Warren County, 391 in Winchester, 331 in Page County, 661 in Frederick County and 69 in Clarke County.

By Sunday, the district's cases increased by 10.

On Sunday, Warren and Clarke counties reported no new cases. The other localities within the health district showed slight increases, with 680 cases in Shenandoah, 392 in Winchester, 332 in Page and 664 in Frederick County.

Total cases in the state, according to the VDH website, numbered 91,782 as of Sunday afternoon. Of those, the website states that 3,458 are “probable cases.” Statewide COVID-19-related hospitalizations as of Saturday have numbered 7,955. So far, the website states that 2,108 Virginians have died from the virus.

Deaths within the Lord Fairfax Health District, according to the website, include seven in Warren, 42 in Shenandoah, 24 in Page, nine in Frederick and four in Winchester.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention's website states that there have been 4.6 million reported cases and 154,002 deaths nationwide as of Sunday afternoon. 


This story has been updated with the correct number of COVID-19 cases - 2,485 – in the Lord Fairfax Health District.