FRONT ROYAL — Elizabeth Joan Boyd, 48, was recently charged on six felony counts of embezzlement stemming from her time as the Lake Front Royal Property Owner’s Association’s treasurer.

Warren County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Daniel Maxfield said over the phone that the office began an investigation into the matter after receiving a complaint from the association’s board regarding embezzlement in excess of $30,000.

A criminal complaint by Maxfield states that she embezzled over $500 from the property owner’s association each month from September 2017 through February 2018. He said over the phone that the amount embezzled each month, however, could have been much greater than $500.

Maxfield states in the complaint that Boyd used the association’s bank card “to make unauthorized and unreported purchases for personal gain over many months.” He declined to say whether she withdrew money from the account or was using the bank card to make store purchases because it is part of an ongoing investigation.

Lake Front Royal became a sanitary district in 2016, at which point the county began collecting fees that were collected by the association for neighborhood maintenance. While the neighborhood pays fees to the county for maintenance, County Administrator Doug Stanley said the association has continued operating and mainly oversees the neighborhood’s lake and dam.

The district’s establishment was challenged by several residents, many who claimed that its creation in the circuit court was done in a secretive matter. According to previous reports, supporters of the district said there needed to be transparency in how the association’s dues were collected and spent.

While a majority of speakers in a public hearing initially opposed the district’s creation, that opinion shifted after the district underwent a two-year trial. After that trial run, a county survey found that 125 that residents were happy with the change while 14 remained dissatisfied.

Boyd was released on $10,000 unsecured bond and is due Jan. 16 in Warren County General District Court.

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