Editor's note: This is one in a series of question and answer articles about local candidates running for office on Nov. 5. The Northern Virginia Daily asked candidates for the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors to answer three questions. Unedited responses are below.

Bradley Pollack is vying for the District 3 board seat held by Richard Walker, who does not plan to seek re-election. Walker, instead, is challenging long-time Treasurer Cindy George for the constitutional office.

What does the Board of Supervisors need to do to improve the local economy?

Recognize that agriculture is our biggest industry. Quickly respond to problems raised by our farmers. Among many existing programs at the County level, maximize use of the County's Conservation Easement Program.

Ensure that major manufacturers such Andros are getting appropriate attention from the highest levels of the County. Expansion of existing business is the best way to grow our economy.

Aggressively market Shenandoah County as a tourist destination. Put the full weight of the Board of Supervisors behind rails to trails. Market the tourism assets of Shenandoah County to the metropolitan Washington area using social media efficiently and economically. Encourage agritourism.

Ensure that school leaders are regularly meeting the County's largest employers ensuring that educational and internship opportunities are meeting their needs. Increase vocational training with internships and career opportunities with every major employer in the County.

Continue to encourage the School Board to work closely with Lord Fairfax Community College, doing everything to expose every high school senior interested to at least one LFCC class before graduation.

Ensure that our County regulations and barriers to small business startup are not more rigorous than required by state and federal law.Keep machinery and tool taxes low.

Where should the Board of Supervisors spend most of the county's revenue?

The Shenandoah County School system.

How and when should the Board of Supervisors as a whole interact with state legislators, urging them to represent the county's needs?

The Board of Supervisors should invite Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Todd Gilbert to the beginning of every meeting and engage them in a public ten or fifteen-minute discussion of concerns to the legislators and the supervisors.

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