Kristie Atwood

Kristie Atwood has announced hopes of receiving the Warren County Republican Committee’s nomination in the race for clerk of the circuit court, a seat vacated halfway through an eight-year term after Clerk Darryl Funk was named a judge.

Atwood, 44, said over the phone that while her values are conservative, she has never been affiliated with any political parties but if local Republicans want a new face, she is the choice.

If she does not receive the Republican nomination, Atwood said she would drop out.

Atwood states in a news release that she is running because Warren County “is in crisis” and she wants “to be part of the change” that is “clearly needed.”

“I just want our community to heal, and I want to be part of that process,” she said.

Atwood said she works as a Realtor, auctioneer and appraiser after being employed in the medical field for 21 years.

She states her employment has required that she “perform extensive research” and write reports and appraisals used in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. She states that she has also “worked with bankruptcy trustees commercially and privately appraising everything from heavy equipment to wine collections.”

“I will use these skills to keep an eagle eye on everything coming into the clerk’s office,” Atwood states.

She has been in the news battling with the county because she feels the building department did not properly inspect her house and failed to cite code violations committed by a contractor. 

Atwood said she since realized that issues go beyond the building department and she has become “an unintended political activist." That included starting a Facebook page detailing alleged issues within the local government and criticizing officials. If elected, Atwood said she will either hand the Facebook page over to someone else or close it.

It elected, Atwood states her goals would include: transparency; being a resource to every citizen; “educating the public on the rights and responsibilities they possess;" and providing easy access to available services.

While transparency is one of Atwood’s goals, she states that “confidentiality is crucial and necessary for private transactions and that public information should be public for transparency.”

“I vow to maintain confidentiality when appropriate and ensure that the business of the public is available to the public,” she states.

Atwood said that it is sometimes difficult to get information in the clerk's office and she would ensure staff is available for assistance and that the office would be "an advocate for the citizens."

She states that if she sees “a questionable issue or a citizen brings me a concern,” she will “investigate and get answers.”

“I pledge to be there for the community and each and every citizen,” she states.

She states that she is “an ordinary citizen with no personal agenda to use public knowledge for personal gain.”

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