STRASBURG – Strasburg’s girls soccer team has shown improvement and junior forward Morgan Bible has played a key role in that success.

Not only does she lead the team in goals, but she was instrumental in Strasburg getting a travel soccer team in the fall, which Strasburg coach Kayla Allen said has led to more success for the whole high school team.

“She was the one that came up to me and was like ‘hey, I want to do this. I think we have the numbers. Can you try to get everybody?’ And I was like, ‘sure,’” Allen said. “That was her and she pushed that a lot. And that helped us so much this year being able to play through the fall and through the winter.”

Bible said she had always played travel soccer with Central’s travel program under Central head coach Kim Dellinger, and she felt like Strasburg should have its own team.

“I felt like if we played together we would bond more and it would show (on the field),” Bible said.

Bible said she began playing travel ball when she was 10, and that it has helped her a lot with her game over the years.

“I was playing with girls that were a lot older than me,” Bible said. “It taught me to be tougher because I had to play with girls that were a lot older than me, a lot bigger than me.”

Bible said her freshman season at Strasburg was a big learning experience for her. She said she did not start that season and she was a little intimidated by being a freshman on the varsity team.

Last season Bible began to become more comfortable on the team and it showed in her play. She scored eight goals and three assists.

This season Bible has four goals to lead the Rams. Allen said that Bible’s game has developed and she’s become a smarter player this season.

“This year she has become really creative in the way that she plays,” Allen said. “She’s always been talented, and she’s always been fast. But I think this year I’ve really enjoyed watching her learn the thoughtful type of soccer where she’s moving better off the ball. She’s making it so that it’s not just her who looks good. She’s making everybody on the field around her look good because she’s really figured out the sport mentally. It’s been really great watching that happen because I knew that she could be a player like that, and I’m really proud that she’s become a player like that.”

Allen said Bible has improved on her ability to make shots and said she has learned to be more creative with her shots if she needs to.

“She has beautiful distance shots that she’s really starting to perfect,” Allen said. “There’s a certain spot on the field where I know if she takes a shot from there it’s in and we’re good, like she’s got a sweet spot. It’s beautiful, arcing kind of shots. This year she’s also become more creative and she’s been able to put herself in position to finish even the little inside the box goals. It’s been nice.”

Bible said she’s just worked hard on her game in the offseason and she feels like everything is finally clicking for her this season.

Things have been clicking for the Rams as well. After a slow start, Strasburg has won three of its last four matches and is 5-7-1 this season.

“I feel like we are having one of the best years that we’ve ever had since I’ve been here,” Bible said. “Since I can remember, girls soccer has never really been good.”

The Rams beat Shenandoah County rival Central, 2-0, on April 25. It was the first time in several years that the Rams had won against their rivals.

“It was good. We haven’t really beat Central in a really long time,” Bible said. “I think it put in perspective for us that we can win – that we’re not just the team that loses all the time. It’s nice to see and for me to be a part of it. Because I feel like you can see something happen but to be part of it makes you feel really good about yourself.”

Bible said her goal for herself this year would be to make the All-Bull Run District team. Bible said she wants the Rams to keep winning more games and finish the season strong.

“I just want us to win, just to show them what we actually are,” she said. “We’re more than capable of doing that — having a winning season. We have a lot of talent on our team this year.”

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