FRONT ROYAL – The Warren County School Board received updates on the renovations of A.S. Rhodes Elementary School during its meeting this week.

Greg Livesay, the director of maintenance for the division, discussed the upcoming asbestos abatement at the elementary school with the board on Wednesday. He said staff pulled up some carpet to visually inspect what was underneath it and that they discovered that the vinyl tile may contain asbestos in one of the classrooms. The tile and mastic – which holds the tile in place – are being tested to see if they would need to be abated.

Livesay said that an asbestos management plan that was developed by Winchester Environmental Consultants Inc. in February 2010 didn’t identify the material under the carpet in the classrooms as possible asbestos-containing materials. He said no sampling was conducted by the company at that time.

“We will need to test and have this lab analysis done,” Livesay said. “We want to get this sampled so we know for sure.”

Livesay said that APEX, the company that would be doing the abatement, asked for an additional $90,000 to abate all nine classrooms if the sample came back positive. The total cost of the abatement would cost around $150,000 if the additional abatement is needed.

“I’m very pleased that the staff had the foresight to take a look now as opposed to waiting until we went ahead and did it, and they find out later that it was a mess,” said Schools Superintendent Greg Drescher. “We don’t like the increased cost, but it’s the perfect time to get it done.”

Under the current contract with APEX, the abatement would include the removal of 650 feet of pipe insulation in the building’s crawl space and the abatement of 7,500 square feet of flooring material, including the tile and mastic, in the building’s interior. Livesay said the original timeline to complete the abatement was two weeks. If the additional abatement work needed to be done, it would tack on another week of work.

Livesay presented the board with a contract to replace the shingle roof at A.S. Rhodes. Four roofing contractors were contacted to replace the 10,600-square-foot shingle roof and Vertex Roofing was awarded the contract with its bid of $43,875. Livesay said he hopes that the work on the roof would begin sometime in July.

Livesay also presented the board with contracts to repair the tennis courts at Skyline and Warren County high schools. He said that five of the eight courts at Skyline and six of the eight courts at Warren County have seen significant cracking over the last year, leaving them unsafe to use.

ATC Corp., a company that builds and refurbishes tennis courts, would be contracted to make the repairs, which include crack filling, crack repair overlay and color coating of damaged areas to match existing colors. The total cost to repair the tennis courts would be $58,851.

“I can’t say that these repairs today are going to be the end-all until we resurface or replace the courts,” Livesay said.

The board expressed concern that the tennis courts needed extensive repairs so soon after doing repairs in the last few years, notably to the courts at Skyline High School.

School Board member Arnold Williams noted: “Some of the cracks we’ve seen could literally swallow a tennis ball. Something has definitely moved to create these cracks.”

The board decided to table the issue until it Aug. 7 meeting .

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