FRONT ROYAL — A car repair shop is suing the Town of Strasburg after a water pipe burst and flooded the business’ property last year.

According to the complaint, filed in Warren County Circuit Court, Bock’s Garage, of Strasburg, is seeking $106,863 from the town, alleging it had failed to “exercise a proprietary function,” was negligent in its duties and for trespass.

The pipe that burst, flooding portions of the garage’s property, in some places as deep as 3 feet, according to the complaint, was owned and maintained by the town.

David Silek, the attorney representing Bock’s Garage, writes in the complaint that because the pipe is the property of the town, and the town was responsible for maintaining it, it is liable for any damages done to the property.

When the pipe broke, the flooding “contained high levels of mud and sediment, making property that came into contact with [it] more likely to sustain permanent damage,” according to the complaint. A number of cars that were in the yard for repair were deemed to be “totaled” as a result of the flooding.

In addition to damages to the building and vehicles on the property, Bock’s Garage contends the flooding prevented it from conducting regular business, incurring more damages in lost revenue for which they believe the town is responsible.

According to the complaint, Silek contends the town should have known the pipe was at risk of breaking and should have monitored it more closely. The town’s failure to maintain and monitor the pipe directly lead to the damages from flooding, according to the complaint.

Bock’s Garage also contends there weren’t safeguards in place to stop the water if a pipe did break, which caused the water to flood its property for more than two hours before it was turned off.

The garage is claiming the water damaged $76,089 worth of equipment and parts; $7,107 in lost business after closing due to the flooding; $3,746 for cleaning and repairing their property and $19,919 in damages to the vehicles and parts that were damaged.

In addition to damages, the garage is also claiming the town trespassed on its property.

According to the complaint, the water belonged to the town and its flooding “constituted an unauthorized entry” onto the garage’s land.

The town did not respond to requests for comment by press time on Wednesday evening. In a phone call on Tuesday, Wyatt Pearson, the town manager, said he had received “correspondence” from Silek but was not aware a suit had been filed.

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Correction: A previous version of this story said a water pipe burst, damaging property at Bock's Garage last month. The water pipe broke last year. The story has been updated. 

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