MOUNT JACKSON - Changes are coming to Bowman Andros.

Christophe Peter, CEO of Bowman Andros, previewed the future of the food processing plant on Thursday.

“It’s a great future,” Peter said.

Bowman Andros is decommissioning Plant No. 3 at its Mount Jackson facility, he said.

They will be building another plant on site, adjacent to Plant No. 3, for fruit processing, Peter said.

Construction on the new plant should begin this summer. The new facility is expected to be operational in about 18 months, Peter said.

“There will be new lines, new product,” Peter said.

New lines are anticipated to mean more jobs, but he  declined to discuss how many jobs could be added or details of what the new products could be.

More details would be discussed as the construction of the new plant moves forward.

The privately held French-based company employs anywhere from 500 to 600 employees, depending on the time of the year, he said.

Andros has 30 factories around the world. The Mount Jackson facility specializes in processing 4-ounce cups of applesauce, pouches of applesauce, and jars of applesauce.

“Kids snacks is our specialty,” said Chris Hepner, director of operations.

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