Voters in Shenandoah and Warren counties looking for information leading up to and on Election Day had to find their information somewhere other than official county sites.

While long-time residents may be familiar with things such as polling locations and their voting status eligibility, those looking to find that information in Shenandoah County had to navigate a tricky county website that included broken and outdated links.

Users trying to find out how to vote eventually will come to a page titled “How to Vote in Shenandoah County” that includes a two-minute video and a link to the Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in 2016.

On the same page is a link to precincts and polling locations for voters to see where they need to go to cast their ballot.

On the precincts and polling page, two links, “Am I Registered?” and “Where Do I Vote?” are crossed out and do not link to active webpages.

Although the “Where Do I Vote?” link does not work, the county does provide a list of polling locations on the page along with a breakdown of which precincts belong to which local district, congressional district, senate district and house district.

Shenandoah County’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page has problems of its own.

Despite the county’s easy-to-read page with a list of polling locations broken down by locality, the FAQ page provides a link, under “Where Do I Vote?” to the Virginia Department of Elections website citizen portal.

Sample ballots were available online for voters to view before the election to familiarize themselves with what they would be punching on election day. The county provided simple explanations for which ballot voters would need based on which locality they live in.

However, the FAQ page didn’t provide a link to the sample ballots. The hyperlink that was meant to be included was never added, leaving voters to find the sample ballots on their own, somewhere else on the website.

Links to sample ballots are one of the few links on Shenandoah County’s “Current Elections” page that aren’t broken.

Information about when absentee ballot voting for the 2019 elections is outdated, saying the county will start accepting ballots on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. Links to the Virginia Department of Elections, the five-year schedule of elections for the county and voters rights and responsibilities also take users to pages that do not load.

Warren County voters may have had similar issues finding out basic information about the 2019 elections.

Warren County’s voter registrar page includes a link to “2019 Upcoming Elections” that takes the user to a Virginia Department of Elections page that cannot be reached.

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