Jeff Burner was a history teacher at Stonewall Jackson for 22 years so it’s no surprise that the longtime girls basketball coach is interested in Stonewall Jackson’s sports history.

Burner, now the Business Computer Information Systems teacher, is working on various websites about Stonewall Jackson sports history.

Recently, Burner put up a website on all of the school’s 1,000-point scorers. It can be located at

“A couple years ago we took down the jerseys (in the Stonewall Jackson gym area),” Burner said. “I just always felt like it was nice to be able to go out and show (the players) a face with who you were talking about. So the website allows us to still do that.”

Burner said he is also trying to get a website up on the Stonewall Jackson Hall of Fame and eventually one honoring all of the state boys and girls basketball teams in school history.

Burner teaches a multi-media journalism class that runs the online school paper, The Jackson Journal. He also teaches a sports business and marketing class. He said he is using students from his classes to help him with the websites.

“With the Hall of Fame, I want to have a little picture and their accomplishments,” Burner said. “So a kid can go to it and see what’s what.”

Burner said that he already has some ideas about the state basketball team site and has gotten some help from people already.

“I want to try to get that up there because I’ve got some great newspapers that somebody gave me,” he said. “They gave me a whole pack of papers from that era in the 60s because our first state (boys basketball) team was in 1962. They went to the state final four and got beat by Wilson (Memorial) by like 6 in the state semifinals. That was played down at VMI. I think they were the three-seed coming into the tournament and then upset Broadway in the District 10 tournament, and wound up going all the way to the state final four.”

He said the boys basketball team went to the state tournament again in 1982 and the girls basketball teams have gone five times.

Burner said he has some ideas for what he would like his multi-media class to do for the site.

“What I’d really like to do for my media class is to interview any of the members of those teams,” Burner said. “Then you have a short YouTube video of them talking about their experience and stuff with all the clippings and all that other stuff.”

The 1,000-point scorer’s site has pictures along with the players’ names and the number of points they scored in their career and the year they graduated from Stonewall Jackson. There are five boys and eight girls players who have scored 1,000 points.

Burner said he was just getting started with using his two classes to help with the sites when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the schools.

He said that his sports business and marketing class was also going to put up a website for each of the spring sports.

“Now that we don’t have (spring sports) I’m probably going to push towards them creating some content to put on the Hall of Fame page,” he said. “Maybe get them to research what they can. For them, they’re sort of limited in what they can do. Because most of the research that I’ve done on the 1,000-point scorers and everything else I had the library and old yearbooks and stuff like that to get pictures from.”

Burner said not having school has slowed things down, but they will keep working and trying until they get the sites put up and ready to go.

“We had big plans until all this went down,” he said. “So we’ll regroup and come back and try again next year probably.”

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