Mark Butler was elected Warren County’s newest sheriff by a margin of nearly 2,000 votes.

The results, according to the Virginia Department of Elections website, were: Butler, an independent, with 5,087 votes or 43.7 percent; Republican nominee Jason Poe with 3,284 votes or 28.25 percent; Democrat Jorge Amselle with 1,631 votes or 14 percent; and independent Mickey Licklider with 1,588 votes or 13.6 percent. Including the 33 write-in votes, 11,623 votes were cast.

Butler, an Army veteran, was employed by the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office before joining the Herndon Police Department, from which he recently retired. He will replace Sheriff Mike Arnold, who assumed the position in May upon former Sheriff Daniel McEathron’s retirement.

McEathron, who served as sheriff for 16 years, committed suicide shortly after his retirement. That was about two months after the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority accused him of being involved in a multi-million dollar embezzlement scandal. When McEathron won in 2015, he had no opponents and 5,536 votes were cast. During McEahtorn’s last contested election in 2011, 5,095 votes were cast.

During a candidate’s forum, Butler said Warren County will “never be embarrassed again by our Sheriff’s Office” if he is elected.

He could not be reach for a comment.


Fork Town: Poe: 214; Amselle: 101; Butler: 318; Licklider: 114; Write in: 2

Otterburn: Poe: 492; Amselle: 143; Butler: 600; Licklider: 249; Write in: 3

Happy Creek: Poe: 340; Amselle: 201; Butler: 581; Licklider: 181; Write in: 5

Linden: Poe: 263; Amselle: 172; Butler: 504; Licklider: 81; Write in: 3

North River: Poe: 219;Amselle: 153; Butler: 427; Licklider: 146; Write in: 5

Riverton: Poe: 437; Amselle: 119; Butler: 431; Licklider: 136; Write in: 3

East Shenandoah: Poe: 439; Amselle: 215; Butler: 707; Licklider: 120; Write in: 7

West Shenandoah: Poe: 197; Amselle: 125; Butler: 343; Licklider: 99; Write in: none

South River: Poe: 319; Amselle: 208; Butler: 555; Licklider: 182; Write in: none

Bentonville: Poe: 146; Amselle: 29; Butler: 221; Licklider: 154; Write in: 1

Browntown: Poe: 120; Amselle: 72; Butler: 202; Licklider: 64; Write in: 2

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