Editors Note: This is one in a series of question and answer articles about local candidates running for office in the Nov. 5 election. The Northern Virginia Daily asked candidates to answer three questions. The unedited responses from Shenandoah County Sheriff Timothy C. Carter are below.

What improvements would you make to the office?

I would continue to lead our efforts and support initiatives that promote and maintain the standards of excellence that my previous administrations have achieved regarding Leadership development and training of staff; coordination of critical public safety services with state, local, and federal partners; maintain our Accreditation status; continue to provide leadership on legislative issues that affect our ability to protect the citizens of Shenandoah County; evaluate and continually improve our innovation and technology posture regarding the abilities and resources of the SCSO and other public safety organizations and allied professionals within the county — to better provide public safety services; and continue my record of fiscal responsibility.

What should the county and state do to help the office improve?

The Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors and County Administration should support the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office, both financially and through local policy.

The state should continue their support of our Constitutionally elected Offices — understanding and be accountable for the local impact of legislative decisions.

Why do feel you should remain the county sheriff?

I ask that the people of Shenandoah County review the accomplishments that I and my administration have made during the past. I will continue to work hard for them and their family. I also ask for their vote on November 5th.