New Hope Bible Church Youth Minister Lee Montgomery holds one of the 800 loaves of bread that were distributed.

FRONT ROYAL – In uncertain times amid the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hope Bible Church Youth Minister Lee Montgomery is happy to play a small role in brightening peoples’ day.

After canceled restaurant orders resulted in a backlog of inventory, Montgomery said the Winchester-based Bimbo Bakeries inquired whether the church had any need for “a truckload of bread.”

“We weren’t really sure what a truckload of bread was but it turns out to be around 800 loaves and buns,” he said.

The church gladly accepted the bread and loaded it onto a bus provided by the Front Royal Christian School.

“Fresh bread. Free fresh bread,” was the message relayed over the bus’ loudspeaker as it slowly navigated neighborhood streets throughout town last week.

“People were really excited. It was a lot of joy brought by just a couple of free loaves of bread. Everybody’s really discouraged and everything so it’s kind of a really neat little pick-me-up I think. I know it was for us,” Montgomery said.

He noted that “it was just great to be used by the Lord” to spread love about the community “in his name” during “a time of craziness.”

“Even the littlest things like bread, he’s going to provide, so he did. I think it’s super cool,” Montgomery said.

While driving around town, Montgomery received notification that bread was needed by the Shenandoah Area Agency on Aging to fulfill Meals on Wheels orders.

The bus, it turns out, was a block away from agency’s headquarters and the remaining 22 loaves on board were delivered.

“That’s exactly what they needed to fill all of their orders for Meals on Wheels that day....I mean you can’t make something up like that. It was a neat little thing the Lord did for us,” he said.

The bread was also given to nursing homes, food pantries and the Salvation Army. What remains likely will be stored in the Department of Social Services’ freezer and distributed as part of the Front Royal-Warren County Congregational Community Action Project’s drive-through meal service.

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