A Woodstock church will be helping people out this holiday season with discounted gas on Black Friday.

New Hope Church on South Main Street is sponsoring discounted regular gas for $1.99 per gallon at Cook’s Exxon on West Reservoir Road from 8 to 10 a.m. on Black Friday.

“We are always looking for creative ways to reach out and bless the community,” said Pastor John Fogle.

Money, especially this time of year, is tight for families and people are stressed about the holidays, he said. This is a way for the church to help people and show they live their tag line ‘Loving God, loving others and doing something about it’, Fogle said.

The church will have the pumps manned with eight adults and eight children, Fogle said.

The pumps will be set at $1.99 for regular gas.

Drivers will be able to get out, pay the discounted price, and the volunteers will then pump the gas, and clean the windows just like an old school full-service gas station, he said.

The church will pay the difference to the station.

Once a vehicle is done at the pump, there will be a spot for a driver to pull into if they would like to receive prayer, otherwise, someone can fill out a prayer card or just leave the gas station, Fogle said.

Fogle said this is the first time the church has sponsored such an event and he is not sure how many vehicles will pass through the station. Other churches, however, who have sponsored such an event have had hundreds come through, he said.

Kim George, manager of Cook’s Exxon, said they also have never done anything like this before and are not sure what to expect.

She said Woodstock police has been contacted and will be in the area to help with traffic if needed.

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