Stonewall Jackson girls basketball coach Jeff Burner watches a game tape. He has been   uploading old videos of boys and girls basketball and football games to Google Drive and YouTube.

Stonewall Jackson girls basketball coach Jeff Burner has been keeping residents entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Burner has been uploading old videos of boys and girls basketball and football games from year's past onto Google Drive and YouTube. He has been an assistant boys basketball coach and a head girls basketball coach since the early-90s and had saved many of the videos.

"It's just with us being off and everybody not being able to watch any sports, I had all these VHS tapes," Burner said. "We were looking through our house and I have like three crates of VHS tapes of games. So (my brother, Bobby, and) I bought me one of those converters online. Then my brother brought me down a double-deck VCR player. So you just hook the converter right up to it and it turns the game into a digital format."

The videos can be viewed on Google Drive cat shorturl.at/dmtJ4 and the YouTube page is under his account name - Jeffrey Burner.

Burner said he's enjoyed doing uploading the videos  and being able to look back at old games.

"I think a lot of people have been enjoying it and being able to see some games from the past," Burner said. "Like, I had that one of (Stonewall Jackson Principal) Mike Dorman's senior year. I'm almost positive I got that because (former Stonewall Jackson boys basketball) coach (Ron) Smoot gave that to me for me to tape over and we just never used the tape because that was before I even started coaching. Coach Smoot liked to reuse tapes all the time."

As of Thursday morning, Burner had 16 videos uploaded on Google Drive and 13 on YouTube. So far he has had over 700  views on YouTube videos.

Burner said he's trying to get as many converted and on the pages as he can and he's going to continue working on it.

The game featuring Dorman is a Strasburg at Stonewall Jackson boys basketball game from 1989. Burner said Dorman watched the video with his son Tucker recently.

"That game from '89 was really cool because (Strasburg football coach Mark Roller) got to watch the game," Burner said. "That's the game he scored 1,000 points in and his sons got to watch it with him, and I thought that was really cool."

Burner said he's been happy with how much people have told him they've enjoyed it.

"Josh Rhinehart got to watch games with his son Landry," Burner said. "My cousin Phil Burner got to watch it with his family. Of course, my girls and guys have been commenting like crazy. It's made it all worth it."

Burner said he's still working on getting more football games up – there is only one up so far. He also has a highlight video of Stonewall Jackson's win over Strasburg in the 1996 Regional Championships.

"I'm going to try to get a couple more football up," Burner said. "I have the whole game where Strasburg beat Stonewall in that regional championship (in 1996). Then I have the Surry (1996 state semifinal) game where we lost on the field goal at the end."

Stonewall Jackson was coached then by the late Dick Krol and it was the first time the Generals had made it to the state semifinals in program history.

"If you are a fan of Stonewall sports for as long as I have been you know how big that was for our football program," Burner said. "Before (Krol) came along we didn't dream about things like that."

Many of the games are from the 1990s. There are six boys' basketball games on Google Drive. Also, there are eight videos from girls basketball games on the drive, including four that are highlights of the program's all-time leading scorer Kallie Hovatter. She is Shenandoah County's all-time leading scorer and plays professionally in Australia. He said he already had the footage of Hovatter online because she needed that to show teams in Australia.

Burner the 2018 regional semifinal game, in which the Generals clinched a state berth, is online.

He said that he recently was in the Stonewall Jackson storage room and noticed a football film in there from the 1970s.

"I'd love to get those converted," Burner said. "That would be so cool. We've just been finding some random games to put on there for different eras. I'm just trying to cover different time frames and see what we can do."

One video that is not of Stonewall Jackson sports has also received positive feedback.

"I found a womanless beauty contest from 1995 – the National Honor Society," he said. "So I uploaded that and all kinds of people loved that. Just something to keep people entertained a little bit while we're facing all this."

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