Since taking office Jan. 1, the Democrats in the General Assembly have taken full advantage of their first time controlling both houses of the legislature since 1993. No time was wasted in codifying their pet projects and liberal causes from raising the minimum wage and eliminating voter ID requirements, to banning certain types of firearms and joining the National Popular Vote Compact. Although some of the aforementioned legislation has only (as yet) made it through one chamber, the Democratic majority has significantly changed the landscape of the commonwealth from a mid-Atlantic haven of liberty to a more-blue-than-red outpost of New England...and it only took them a matter of weeks.

Regardless of how one feels about this takeover, one fact is undeniably true: Democrats know what to do with majority control. They do not cross the aisle. They do not broker deals. They do not drag their feet. They launch forward, full steam ahead until their mandate is a fully visible reality.

Historically, Republicans do much worse enacting their agenda. By no means unique to Virginia politics, the GOP wavers once in power, as if they exhausted their energy reserves winning and have none left over to govern with the same conservative zeal. While there are notable exceptions to this among the Virginia Republicans, such as consistent fighter and advocate of freedom Minority Leader C. Todd Gilbert, nationwide the disease of post-elective lethargy has permeated conservative politics for over a generation, Virginia being no exception.

Although it may feel in the moment as if the slide toward liberalism is insurmountable here in the Old Dominion, never forget that nearly all politics is cyclical. That principle, coupled with the awakening of millions of Virginians through the efforts of the 2A movement and related grassroots activism, makes a return to GOP dominance a plausibility in the coming electoral contests. But what will Republicans do with it once attained?

To quote political commentator Ben Shapiro, facts don't care how you feel. The consequences of the liberal agenda will unavoidably rise to the surface. The ramifications of an increased minimum wage will be painfully evident as companies make the tough decision to enact layoffs in order to maintain their bottom line. Fifteen dollars an hour means little if you're unemployed. As formerly law-abiding neighbors are charged with felonies because they own a magazine capable of holding 20 rounds, and electoral outcomes become less certain due to the chicanery of non-citizens voting absent the need to show a picture ID, people will take notice.

In the meantime, we wait... and if the Virginia GOP is smart, they'll learn a thing or two from their Democrat colleagues; namely, elections should have consequences.

Dr. Matthew B. Pandel is a behavioral psychologist and educator. He lives in Woodstock with his wife Carrie.