At the last 6th Congressional District Republican Party of Virginia meeting on Dec. 29, 2022, members of the District Committee – making up the Party Chairs of the 19 county and city Republican Party units, members of the State Central Committee, and representatives of the 6th Congressional Republican Women, 6th Congressional College Republicans, and 6th Congressional District Young Republicans, became the 1st Congressional District GOP in Virginia to pass a resolution calling for the Virginia Delegation to the Republican National Committee (Virginia Chairwoman Patti Lyman, Virginia Chairman Morton Blackwell, and RPV Chair Rich Anderson) to vote against Ronna Romney McDaniel for a third term as Republican National Committee Chair.

The motion, made by Finance Chair Ken Adams, passed by a 24-4-1 majority. The motion reads as follows:


The 6th Congressional District Republican Committee of Virginia calls on Republican National Committeeman Morton Blackwell, Republican National Committeewoman Patti Lyman and Republican State Central Committee Chairman Rich Anderson to vote for any candidate for Republican National Committee Chairman other than Ronna McDaniel.

Current Chairman McDaniel has failed to provide effective leadership at a time when it is desperately needed. What is required now is an RNC chairman who recognizes the great peril our country faces. That chairman must be willing and able to forcefully and relentlessly engage those who would destroy America.

Copies of this Motion shall be sent to Morton Blackwell, Patti Lyman and Rich Anderson. Copies of the Motion shall also be sent to the Republican Congressional District Chairmen in Virginia to encourage other Republican Committees to address the RNC election.

Repeated failures can never be acceptable to a political organization. It is clear that the current leadership of the Republican Party inside Washington, D.C., needs overwhelming change, and it is also clear that Chair McDaniel is not capable of getting the job done. We have lost three elections now, and all we are being promised is more of the same. The GOP needs to rebuild our ground operations, and it is clear that Ms. McDaniel is woefully inadequate in getting this done. The GOP needs to be the party of Main Street, not K Street. The 6th Congressional District is not endorsing any particular candidate. But we are saying that the Republican National Committee is broken and needs not only to be fixed, but needs structural change from the ground up.

John Massoud, a resident of Strasburg, is chairman of the 6th Congressional District, Republican Party of Virginia.

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Brad Skipper

The very same Insurrectionists that launched the J6 domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol, are currently controlling the Republican party nationally, and we see that in their inability to perform the simplest of tasks in the House. Choosing a Speaker. Changing the RNC leader will do nothing to make them the party of Main Street. They are the party of Wall Street shown by their tax cuts for the wealthy and huge corporations. In the words of that heroic American Senator Bob Dole, "you know it, I know it and the American people know it."


Well, well, it seems the Republican Party is a victim of its own consequences both locally and nationally.

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