Strasburg and surrounding area hosted the Shenandoah Valley 3-Day Bike About on June 10-12. What is a “3 Day Bike About?” It is a small bicycle tour over a three-day weekend in or near a small town in Virginia. The 3 Day Bike About supports a local charity and the local economy.

One hundred thirty nine registered bicyclists from 13 states attended the Shenandoah Valley 3 Day Bike About. Attendees included guests from as far away as Connecticut, Illinois and Florida with also local from Strasburg, Toms Brook and Lake Frederick. The local charity supported by this event was the Shenandoah Rail Trail. Deana Sun (co-owner of 3 Day Bike About) presented Strasburg Mayor Brandy Hawkins Boies a check for the Friends of the Shenandoah Trail for $3,000 on Saturday evening at the event dinner at the Box Office Brewery in downtown Strasburg.

Beginning the afternoon of Thursday, June 9, through the afternoon of Sunday, June 12, bicycle tourists, their families and friends came to our beautiful local area dining, lodging and shopping. Everywhere one looked, there were smiling faces and complimentary words about our wonderful local communities and the friendly people who call it home.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this event a tremendous success. Local citizens and leaders supported the event and truly made it a memorable event for the bicycling tourists visiting our area. Local leaders who drove the success of the event were the town of Strasburg’s Director of Strategic Initiatives Olivia Hilton, former Shenandoah County Administrator Mary Beth Price, President/CEO of the Shenandoah County Chamber of Commerce Sharon Baroncelli; and Don Hindman, the driving force behind the Shenandoah Rail Trail.

Lastly, I want to thank the thousands of local citizens who interacted with our guests in such friendly fashion. From convivial conversations on the streets, in stores and restaurants, to not getting frustrated if you found yourself having to slow your vehicle to safely pass bicyclists on the roads, to engaging with parishioners while attending local church services; our guests were impressed with the friendly and gracious nature of our friends and neighbors.

With the success of this first event linked to our Shenandoah Rail Trail — and with construction of the trail yet to begin! –—we did an incredible job of welcoming guests and showing them why the tremendous natural beauty of our area, coupled with the grace and friendliness of our neighbors makes the area we call home such an attractive place to visit!

Thank you to everyone for doing your part!

Kevin Watson, owner of Hopewell House Bike & Bed, lives in Strasburg

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