Leonard Yang

By Leonard Yang

In response to Mr. William Shifflett’s defense of the unvaccinated [in Saturday’s NVD], he reveals HIS bias against those who express frustration on vaccine resistance. He does what many vaccine resisters and their apologists who do not understand science do. He cherry-pick bits of media to buttress a specious argument.

The science is clear. Vaccination against Covid-19 prevents serious illness, and death in a large proportion of but not all the recipients. The benefits outweigh the risks by a large margin. The spread of disease is also limited by vaccination (look at Puerto Rico). Politization of vaccination and widespread misinformation has confused people and if all political leaders did what they are supposed to and fall behind the science, fewer citizens would have been sickened (sometimes permanently) and died.

I have spent hours trying to educate friends on this disease and have patiently responded to the often bizarre and complicated theories they have picked up from their internet “sources” and their friends. One friend responded finally “you just believe that Left-wing sht” since I rebutted every argument and video he came up with. No, he just doesn’t understand science and all his sources were biased. For those resisters who I care and really worry about I make one direct request that they be vaccinated and stop there.

What we have is a distrust of the most trustworthy and educated experts that we have. Dr. Fauci should not have to deal with death threats that have led to having security for him and his family — who is hating here? Sometimes the data is lacking (such as the benefit of masks) when a recommendation is made and as data accumulates, the recommendation changes accordingly. That’s science. It changes based on more reliable evidence. The only dogma is the scientific method. The early observations on hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and invermectin suggested possible benefit and this has led to real, vigorously controlled studies that do not support benefit and suggest harm. EXPECT advice to change. This is the strongest argument for science literacy.

What we have is an explosion of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Those least competent and knowledgeable are self-confidently spewing misinformation and misleading information that they don’t understand — and those who make up the lies are seeking to divide us... and kill us.

Dr. Leonard Yang is a Winchester resident