I became a nurse in 1994 because I felt compassion was my spiritual gift. I continued my education and became a nurse practitioner in 2012. Caring for others is the only thing I’ve ever imagined doing with my life.

The mandatory vaccination by Valley Health will effectively end my practice of medicine in the Strasburg area. My rights as a patient are being superseded by my employer.

My right to refuse the COVID 19 vaccination based on my medical history, risk factors, and side effects is not an option for future employment. I understand the Valley Health position of putting the patient first. I have sacrificed significantly on behalf of my patients for 27 years.

This modified gene therapy “vaccine” is unproven in the long term — new data is being uncovered daily. You can say 3 billion people have gotten the COVID 19 vaccine and most are fine; however, the depth and severity of the side effects and reactions are not completely understood.

The Centers for Disease Control does not seem to have a handle on its website, nor has it had time to investigate all that has been reported to the site. How many times has the CDC adjusted guidelines throughout this pandemic as new information becomes available? How many times has it reversed course on previous decisions? Yet it remains the “gold standard” on which health care companies are basing mandatory vaccination.

The COVID 19 vaccine currently has emergency use authorization from the FDA. Even FDA-approved medications and products have been pulled after years of use, or contain a serious black box warning. Many pharmaceutical companies have been held liable for injury. No one pushing the vaccine and coercing individuals to take this vaccine will be held liable for injury. They will escape through a legal loophole, as it is impossible to prove with 100% certainty that the vaccine changed the trajectory of your health.

The recent information from the CDC seems to indicate the viral load of the vaccinated is equivalent to the unvaccinated. COVID is still spreading, regardless of vaccine status. Some virologists believe the vaccine is the actual cause of the variants of the COVID virus. Time will tell. The truth will eventually be revealed.

I would appreciate more time to decide if the COVID vaccine is right for me. I am heartbroken that Valley Health has decided not to give me more time and will separate me from my patients in the Strasburg community — patients I have been caring for the last five years. I have gotten to know so many on a personal level and will truly miss them.

I am truly saddened that Valley Health feels the need to force this decision on so many incredible employees who, like our patients, only want to make our own personal medical decisions based on the latest evidence and information available.

Informed consent is about the patient getting the information they need about recommended treatments, risks, benefits and alternative options from someone they trust so they can make a decision. Coercion at the threat of a person’s livelihood is not informed consent.