In the Feb. 17 Winchester Star, Lord Fairfax Community College President Kim Blosser was quoted as saying, "I've said many times that his name is just not good enough for us. We are much better than what (his) name would show." If the name Lord Fairfax Community College was so offensive, why then did the current president (Blosser), and the former college president, Cheryl Thompson-Stacy, seek the position of president and willingly accept the monthly paychecks that go with it? I have read and studied the renaming workgroup activities and the College Board agenda and minutes. I have also communicated with President Blosser via email on several occasions. Having worked at LFCC for 30-plus years prior to retiring, it is my firm belief that the process for consideration of renaming was seriously flawed. The initial deliberations did not appear to include former employees or retirees. Additionally, as far as I can determine, members of the community who were former students, graduates, parents of students/graduates, employers in the community, former board members, retirees, etc, were not included in the renaming workgroup discussions. Further, the surveys that were conducted may not have included large enough numbers to be meaningful or representative of community support. In my view, the possible renaming of LFCC was not made known to the public until after the College Board voted on the decision to rename.

For anyone interested in keeping the current name of LFCC, I encourage you to visit the college's website and review a few items such as the following:

• The College Board Agenda of 4 Feb 21, Attachment 7 pages 4-12,

• especially pages 11 and 12 Considerations and Rationale for the College Board Vote "Not to Rename"

The five points under the Not to Rename have been satisfied and exist. Those five points are clear compelling reasons that the college should not be renamed. The seven points under the section "To Rename" are, in my view, pure speculation or non-existent at best.

By now it is likely clear I do not support renaming the college. The term “rebranding” has also been noted as a desirable course of action, which I believe could be a positive way to proceed. However, Lord Fairfax Community College has in its 50 years of existence grown to be a vital, valuable, and respected asset to the entire community it serves and beyond. Why destroy, all in the silly name of “cancel culture,” what has taken 50 years to build. If you feel strongly about keeping the current name of the college, I encourage you to let your community and the college know.

Carroll Smith is a resident of Stephens City.