The SCOTUS decision to leave Texas’s abortion law intact and comments from the hearing on Mississippi’s Dobbs case has the left frantic that Roe v. Wade’s days are over. Threats of court packing, intimidation of the justices, including some among themselves, and other assorted misinformation overlooks one key fact. The ruling won’t end abortion. A fact even ultra-liberal California acknowledged when declaring themselves an abortion sanctuary if Roe falls.

“It’s important to reiterate that overturning Roe — would not ban abortion,” writes Daily Beast Senior Columnist Matt Lewis. “[It] would, instead, send the issue back to states to decide via the democratic process. Despite what you might have read, this is hardly a radical idea.” The average American probably doesn’t know this and the left-wing media aren’t telling.

Complicating discussions are concerns that reversing Roe as a national policy will endanger other civil liberties. But when did the left begin caring about gun rights? Freedom of religion? Freedom of speech? Citing the Golden State again, California Governor Newsom put forth the idea of allowing Californians to sue gun makers as a means of circumventing the Second Amendment. Jackson Richman of the Washington Examiner rightly observes that “the Constitution does not include an explicitly identified right to an abortion. It does, however, provide for the right to keep and bear arms.” This tried-and-true argument is correct. Unlike Roe, these rights were enshrined in the country’s founding documents and yet they are under constant threat from the left.

In making the contrast between guns and abortion, Newsom unwittingly highlights the hypocrisy. The need to save lives. Yet most people go through their entire lives without suffering any kind of gun incident. What Newsom won’t acknowledge, is that when pregnant women enter an abortion clinic they have one purpose. To snuff a human being out of existence. The statistics are clear. One child out of every child will die.

Another far-left fear is the loss of homosexual rights. This is the feeblest of comparisons. Can none see the enormous contrast between consensual acts involving adults of the same sex with that of ending the life of an unborn human being. It’s light years from an apple-to-apple comparison and shows the desperation of the left.

We need a refresher course. The Supreme Court doesn’t make law. It determines if legislatively passed laws are consistent with the Constitution. Bad laws are sometimes passed, and SCOTUS decisions are sometimes wrong (think Dred Scot). Matt Lewis observes that, “Even some prominent liberals who supported abortion rights conceded Roe is flawed. [Feminist champion] Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed that the precedent was reasoned badly.” Thus, the end of Roe v. Wade isn’t the end of democracy as the left insists. In fact, though unpalatable to the left, it actually proves our system is working.

William Shifflett is an Edinburg resident

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Brad Skipper

Abortion is not a left or right issue, it's a health issue, as well as an Individual Rights issue. The same folks screaming at the top of their lungs about "my body, my choice" on vaccines are strangely on the opposite side here. It's not a religious issue either, as the Bible doesn't condemn abortion. It clearly states that life begins with breath in Genesis 2:7 and again in Job 33:4. To put it simply, if you're not the one pregnant, it's none of your concern.

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