For the last 30 years, one political party has been building its brand on a delusional, deceptive mythology. Posing as the patriotic party, courting Christians, camouflaged as a strong protector of American interests and taking every opportunity to denigrate and deny their opposition any credibility, they have poisoned our national discourse.

For too long our national life has been plagued by the constant drone of GOP attacks of outright lies, innuendo and rumors, creating a fog of misinformation to obscure reality. Early in the Gingrich years, fueled by lies, an extremist bombed a government building. Gingrich attacked the Clinton administration on a lie about the Vince Foster suicide; Cheney pushed the country into an illegal war. Trump is still peddling his discredited lie about a stolen election and evading the law. Their narrative of flimsy fantasies requires a suspension of disbelief. By endless repetition of lies they batter people’s attention until the lies become accepted. Their strident speech fools their supporters into false certainty. By feigning religiosity, they capture the imaginations of the faithful who imagine a kindred partner instead of blatant manipulation.

Their followers accept fantastical notions about how Democrats hate America and democracy and embrace communism. This is from the party that keeps company with people that expect the return of long-dead JFK Jr. and fear Jewish space lasers and accept Alex Jones demented fantasies. They encourage and admire dictators by including them in their political conventions. They support a party that is willing to erode democracy by encouraging state legislatures to gain the ability to change the results of elections. They deny repeated proofs of a fair election and dismiss presidential lies and crimes, believing that their members are above the law. An insurrection based on a collective fantasy was termed “legitimate political discourse.” The claims of respect for law and order and the Constitution are belied by their actions.

The Republican tendency to turn a blind eye to outrages is one of the more chilling facets of our predicament. The ongoing climate catastrophe is ignored. Despite repeated “thousand-year” rain and drought events, their corporate sponsors dismiss concerns. Trading the human costs for profits, they abhor the cost of prevention, while ignoring the billions paid to repair damages caused by a warming world. Repeated attempts to repeal Democratic creations like the Affordable Care Act and deny healthcare to millions does not concern the party that loudly proclaims its compassion for human life. Republicans recently voted against a continuation of aid for child poverty and family leave assistance. Yet they flaunt their supposed concern for life.

The GOP continually assails mainstays of American life like Social Security and Medicare. By disregarding solutions to help people, they increase the general distaste with politics, then utilize that frustration to claim that government is unworkable. Given its history of raw ambition without any elevating principles, the Republican Party forfeits their right to govern. For our democracy’s sake they must be exposed for the fraud and corruption they embody.

Foreman is a longtime Warren County resident and a student of history and current affairs

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Steve F. Here's a little history on what Republicans have done in face of the immigration problem.


Spot on Steve. Like you say Republicans turn a blind eye to those in their party who commit the outrageous behaviors, break the law and and spread falsehoods. Silence begets more of the same.


Steve, it may come as a shock to you but Republicans like Democrats run the gamut of the poliitcal spectrum - to continue to label as a one size fits all accomplishes nothing towards establishing a constructive dalogue to resolve the nations problems.


I have talked with Republicans at the county fair, my neighbors who are Republicans, and canvassed door-to-door throughout the county and they can't tell me what your party stands for. Some are single-issue voters - usually right to life - but only life in a woman's womb. Not very long ago the Republican platform was: Law & for our vets......balanced budget......high moral character of the President - they have demonstrated these issues are no longer relevant to their party. Additionally, and most disturbing, they believed a just government is one that truly governs with the consent of the governed - presently, Republicans don't want to hear from the governed and they look for loopholes in the law and use any power given to them to suppress the vote. Very sad state of affairs for your party.


Virginia Republican Creed

We Believe

That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice

That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society

That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government

That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations

That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense

That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation

Steve F

How do you account for the numerous incidences of Republicans violating Constitutional requirements? Just in the last several years, we have seen attempts by a president who directed the Justice Dept. to prosecute opponents, tried to stop a Congressional duty to perform a Constitutional requirement, tried to influence state officials to "find votes", and stole national secrets? Republican presidents repeatedly resort to tax breaks that increase deficits. Free enterprise is given precedence over the rank and file, to the extent that the majority are victimized, and tax laws passed as a result of corporate "free speech" have enriched the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. Your statements ring hollow when compared to the reality of your party.

Steve F

Of course there are many shades of ideas within the political parties. But what I find discouraging is that the GOP is willing to accept whatever dangerous behavior their operatives dream up. I don't see you refute the few items that I had space to mention. A more complete accounting would take up many volumes. But where is the outrage from Republicans when your leader breaks the law? Multiple cases of illegal behavior, not to mention outright lies, easily disproven, and the Republican response is to yawn, look away, and change the subject. The rest of the world sees blatant lying about an election, attempts to influence state administrators, and attempts to circumvent Constitutional processes, Some states are passing laws that they tell us are about election integrity and voter fraud but are aimed at lowering voter turnout. All these things strike at the very heart of our democracy, but are willfully ignored. The latest affronts to our country are just some of the history of a party without principles. Without a stronger response to what is obviously wrong, we must conclude that you condone these behaviors.

Steve F

Regarding working on the nation's problems, part of the dilemma is that we do not even identify the same problems. Healthcare, economic inequality, wages and unions, policing, racial disparities and perhaps most pressing, climate change are all dismissed by the Republican Party. The GOP prefers to invent problems like election security/voter fraud, a supposed immigrant invasion, and CRT. Compromise on immigration would start the healing but it is more convenient for the GOP to have a hot button issue to continually press. The Democrats addressed the healthcare issue, and received nothing but resistance from Republicans who found a useful issue to distort and fight against. Meanwhile many families face bankruptcy because healthcare is seen as a commodity not a right. The GOP has become a party of opposition instead of ideas, gaining from creating division and confusion.


Steve, as an example "a supposed immigrant invasion" when you have free and open borders what else would you call it ?

The vast numbers of aliens entering the nation illegally, and the violence and lawlessness at the border caused by transnational cartels and gangs certianly satisfies the definition of an “invasion” ...

Steve F

Why the resistance to work with Democrats to try to find a solution? Compromises have been attempted but are always denied.


20 months and the "Big Guy" has done nothing to improve anything.

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