Valley Health recently announced its decision to mandate that all staff — including those without direct patient contact, like laundry staff and remote workers — receive the COVID-19 vaccine. As a local citizen and patient, I find this deeply disappointing.

If Valley Health has no respect for the bodily autonomy of their staff, why should I trust them to respect mine? If they don’t believe their own staff deserve informed consent, why should I trust they’ll provide me with the same? This breaches fundamental medical ethics. While the vaccine only has an emergency use authorization, the offense is even more egregious, as mandating an experimental injection violates the Nuremberg Code.

If staff are injured by the vaccine, who will be responsible? Not the manufacturer — they’re exempt from liability. Not the government — they don’t care. Is Valley Health? Or will they force faithful medical staff to adopt all the risk, even staff who perceive no significant benefit to themselves?

I wonder if the decision-makers at Valley Health are fully informed. Certainly they’re able to parrot the “safe and effective” claims of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), but how much do they really know about the substance they’re forcing on their staff?

They’re likely aware that the spike protein’s binding to ACE2 receptors is responsible for much of the damage caused by the virus. Are they also aware that the spike protein — which the mRNA vaccines instruct the recipient’s body to manufacture — have been demonstrated to do so alone, even in the absence of the remainder of the virus? The injection creates instructions for the body to manufacture a damaging protein. Valley Health isn’t much for “first do no harm,” it seems.

Are they aware that the spike protein also binds to NRP-1 receptors, interfering with VEGF, which, among other things, impacts cytokine production, and is essential for physiologically normal menstrual cycles and for the development of a healthy pregnancy?

Are they aware that the spike protein coded for by the vaccine is genetically modified to prevent it from folding in on itself, in order to prolong the time it presents on the surface of the cell – and that Harvard scientists have found this very type of modification causes some viral variants to be more infectious, by increasing the number of spike proteins that remain in circulation?

Are they aware that the mRNA in the shots is genetically modified, through the replacement of certain nucleotides, resulting in far more spike protein than that induced by natural infection?

Are they aware that, by the manufacturers’ own numbers, even before the variants that seem to be reducing vaccine effectiveness, the absolute risk reduction from the vaccine is only 1.2% (Moderna/J&J) or 0.8% (Pfizer)?

This decision does not give me great confidence that the care I receive through the Valley Health system will be respectful, ethical, well-informed, or evidence-based, and I hope those responsible will reconsider.

Rachel Ramey, a Winchester mother of five, has a background in holistic health.