Jesus said the greatest commandment is that “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” (Matt.22:37). He also said that “...Except ye become as little children ye shalt not enter the kingdom of heaven.” In my 2019 commentary (“Jesus in Valentine’s Day”), I suggested that in being on the cross, Jesus is saying “be mine,” and love me, too!” So, God is asking; “Where are you?” Actually, He knows, so what He is really asking is if you/we know!

In this regard, imagine a very young child, while seated on a couch, sees a man enter the room known to be Daddy. A big smile appears, and its little heart jumps with sheer joy. Daddy sits down across from the couch and lovingly and adoringly observes his child. Then it happens. Eyes meet, and instantly, Daddy’s little one rolls over on its stomach and slides down off the couch! Rapidly crawling, the child heads for Daddy; who is watching and wondering what his darling child will do. Reaching Daddy, a hand grabs Daddy’s pants leg and pulls to stand up. There is then a tugging and pulling with both hands and feet in an effort to climb Daddy’s leg!

Still wondering what his little one will do, he helps his darling onto his lap. And now on toward Daddy’s tummy where there is a pulling on a shirt pocket to stand up. The child’s intent is now apparent, and there is a swelling in Daddy’s heart as two little arms reach around his neck and pulls him close. Tears of love and joy follow for he hears his little one’s small, soft voice. although imperfectly, say: “I love you, Daddy!”

Feeling such love, Daddy would surely lay down his own life for that of his darling child!

The way to get the attention of our Lord is to love Him. He first loved us, and besides commanding us to love Him, He loves to be loved.

Why love Him? A song speaks of broken vows and saddest words of parting, so nothing is the same except in memory. This is the picture of the Garden Of Eden, but because of His love for us He could not be satisfied with only memories of what used to be. Therefore, He went upon the cross to die for us!

Can you see, hear, and perhaps feel the anguish and pain from the cruel whipping and the nails being driven into His hands and feet; His body covered by blood, and perhaps groaning as His arms are yanked from their shoulder sockets? Now then, His goal, plan, desire, and intent is clear; for He says; Father forgive them...”

So have you, will you, go to Him to tell Him that you love Him and believe and trust Him as your Savior? God indeed is asking: Where are you this Easter season?

Jess Shifflett, of Front Royal, is an ordained minister of the Southern Baptist denomination and a member of Rileyville Baptist Church