MIDDLETOWN – The Town Council on Monday held first and second readings on an ordinance authorizing changes to regulations regarding bed and breakfasts, home occupations, travel trailers, accessory buildings and family day homes.

The council’s actions came after a public hearing earlier in the evening on the same proposed changes. No one spoke at the hearing.

Shawn L. Graber, a Republican who is running for the Frederick County Back Creek supervisor’s seat, spoke during the public comments section of the Town Council meeting.

Graber said he was at the meeting to begin opening up dialogue with officials should he be fortunate enough to be elected.

“I am running because I am conservative. I want to see conservative values,” Graber said.

To Graber, a fire medic with the Page County Fire Department, those values include fostering economic development while reducing county debt.

“You reduce the debt, you save on the interest, you use that interest (savings) to pay for capital projects,” Graber said.

He said he would also insist on transparency and accountability in government.

Crystal Martin, on behalf of the Heritage Society, spoke about Middletown’s Heritage Day event, which runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Glenn Martin addressed the Town Council to speak about two concerns he had. The first was regarding an alleyway behind the town offices between Second and Third streets.

Martin said it needed to be ditched out to the street because as it is now, water running through the alley drains to three homes.

The second was a problem with a home on Fourth Street. Martin said a fence that runs along the sidewalk is overgrown with poison ivy, and people walking on the sidewalk brush up against it.

Martin said he is not sensitive to poison ivy and offered to pull it if the town could provide a truck in which the brush could be placed.

Officials explained to him the elderly woman who lived in the home had recently died.

Middletown Mayor Charles Harbaugh said the town will clean it up.

Stephens City Mayor Mike Diaz was at Monday night’s public hearing and Town Council meeting as a guest of Harbaugh.

Harbaugh said Diaz, who has been mayor for six months, was visiting to see how Middletown conducted its meetings.

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